Peace Academy- Steem Monsters 1500 SBD writing contest pre-announcement

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So, Steem Monsters on Monday is going to announce what I think is the largest writing contest offered on the chain since I've been here. I may be wrong, but 1500 SBD I think takes the cake. If you know of a bigger one lemme know. That said for the next 10 days we're breaking into teams of 4-5 (suggested) and picking one of the Splinters (colors/factions) to write about.

Part of what can make a game like Steem Monsters super fun to play is reading through the Lore and watching the story unfold. It's not just killing bad guys. It's about seeing how your characters level up and learning about the history of the Splinterlands and trying to figure out what separated the whole thing and if and when it will all come back together. We're going to cocreate this story.

The contest

This is a pre-announcement. The real announcement goes out on Monday through the @steemmonsters account. For now I'm going to just say what you want to do is follow @steemmonsters, join the Steem Monsters Discord group-, and start reading up on how the contest will work. You can find all of that information in the guidelines channel. Please don't edit the files.

Show tonight

I'm going to spend some time going over the contest docs. They can be a little big and if this is your first time hearing about this they may be a little confusing. So, I'm going to try to cover that as best as I can. Should be fun!

Follow Up contest

For the winners of teh first contest, they'll earn 250 SBD. They'll also start round two. Round one is all about creating individual identity. Round 2 is all about having them interact. We'll start pairing up teammates from different teams and having them build some story together.


Show starts at 10pm EST (about 6 hours from when the post hits).

You can listen online at

You can also listen in Discord:

You can chat within Discord:


@aggroed - SteemMonsters is an incredible project that will surely help take the entire platform to a new level of notoriety in the crypo and social media spheres. I can't wait to see what comes of this contest and the cards. 1500 SP? Wow. I'm in....

If you know of a bigger one lemme know.

@steemjetcontest 6000steem and every participant goes home with a gift of steem. Powered by @dimimp

I entered the writing contest few days ago. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

I really love the idea of creating a contest for steemmonsters players. Many have thought of gaming as just some kind thing you do to pass time or escape boredom but they never understand what the reason was for creating such game characters and the game storylines. steemmonster is more than a game it is actual life reality for some individuals.

If you're feeling ehhhh maybe about it, just join. Its so much fun!