5 Effective Methods for Resolving Conflict

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5 Effective Methods for Resolving Conflict

State your feelings using “I” statements

When you say something like, “You made me feel like x,y,z….”, it comes across as blaming and the other person usually receives it as an attack and responds defensively.
Rewording your feeling to something like, “I feel x,y,z when you x,y,z”, still communicates your feeling and does so in a way where the other person is more likely to actually hear it without becoming defensive or feeling blamed.
It also allows you to take responsibility for your own feelings by acknowledging that you own your feelings instead of blaming the other person.

Avoid aggressive communication

There is a difference between communicating aggressively and assertively.
It is important to be assertive, but if you find that you are feeling extremely raw and angry then you are more likely to communicate aggressively.
This is where stepping away in order to cool down comes into play.

Don’t view conflict as a competition

A peaceful resolution to conflict does not involve one person winning while the other person loses.
Work toward a compromise and find a way to have both people involved feel that their needs are being acknowledged.
The conflict is not resolved and will continue if only one person’s needs are being met.

Don’t try to force agreement

Disagreements and different opinions are part of life.
We can’t “force” someone to agree with us and expect a peaceful resolution.
We don’t have to agree, but we should respect and understand that differences will occur.
Try to find some common ground and compromise in order to work toward a resolution.

Focus on a resolution

Sometimes we have to just “agree to disagree” and find a way to resolve the situation in order to move on. Try to work toward a compromise that will benefit both parties involved.
Try to find areas of agreement and focus on those.

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I agree with every word . And I would like to add 6th method )) Say sorry and apologise . Even if you are not guilty and don't have reason to say sorry , all the same apologises and other person will have feelings that he must make something for you.

beda, sundor post korcho

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Reading your post was like something out of my work environment (in a good way). My boss helps us all learn how to communicate better, and that is one of the most important things she teaches us. To turn the "you" into "I" in any situation that arises. It is not an easy thing to do at first, but with practice, it can and will become natural. It's so nice to see others trying to do the same thing. Thanks for the eye opener @aggroed :-)

Great post. I guess I should change my old ways.
Pulling my glock out worked for many years but you post got me thinking. Awesome. Thanks.

Great post

This is a nice straightforward summary- thanks. This article drew my attention because I just got Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication book and am about to read it.

amazing piture @aggroed
if you can visit to my post

Great suggestions and a very effective way to view a resolution to conflicts. Conflicts can be tough, but utilizing these methods could definitely result in a happier ending. Thanks so much for sharing @aggroed

like your idea

Something to remember @aggroed. Thank you for that.

We need to acknowledge other person’s feelings and perceptions. We all have our differences. Sharing concerns for a solution. Finding the problem and talk about the solution. Love and acceptance. 😊

This is a good way to avoid any conflict and communicate effectively.
Thank you

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a compromise will always give good results. sometimes we are too selfish in defending opinions.

Communication facilitates resolution and compassion facilitates communication. Another quality post from one of my favorite guides!

Great post. Thank you for the information.

hopefully every person, and every country can overcome the conflicts that happen, and can avoid it. and they will live in peace. Thanks for share @aggroed

Some good stuff here my friend. I would comment that if there is a way to defuse the anger in the other person, that would help. Sometimes it is not achievable but certainly helpful in conflict resolution. Again thanks.


Sometimes what builds up to anger is usually a misunderstanding, from one person or the other. How my boss teaches us to work on the communication issues, is to get curious. Find out the what, why and how by asking questions. But, all we can do is try, right?

Indeed conflicts can trigger our competitive side and that usually means that no one will want to give up. As you say it's important to not think of winners or losers, instead it would be better to have a goal to resolve it and when we focus on that instead and put our ego away we can both be winners

Its better to understand the view of second party. Keep yourself at their place and try to find their reservations and then we can come to a resolution that lead us to a better relation.

we lost consciousness when we got angry...but we should find a way to resolve the situation ..thanx for supporting the minnows

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yeah, they are the same, except the Minnow Support Project runs it, and there is a 5% beneficiary to @minnowsupport. We did this when there was a lot of stress on the steemit.com website, and we needed an way to interact easily with the block.

I agree with every point. We have to take responsibility for our feelings, then choose how to react to a negative situation. Aggression causes the other party to respond with aggression. Conflicts should always be moving towards some resolution; injecting competition implies you don't really want a resolution to the conflict.

Lol. I have to start doing this to the few I have offended. Thanks @aggroed for your post.

While your post makes valid points on the flaws of many people's interactions with others that cause conflict and suggests achievable ways to deal with it, why not take it one step further and explain how to avoid conflict in the first place?

If certain societies didn't teach the young to push to be number 1 or do whatever it takes to be successful, then you wouldn't have to post these remedies to conflict.

Or consider renaming your post to 5 ways to establish and maintain peace, not 5 ways to resolve conflicts.


Well, that's a lot of what the radio show is about, and this is part of the curriculum for that show.

Excellent sugges

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I think you hit on some great points here. Too many conflicts result in arguments, and these methods are definitely aiming away from that. I think the biggest thing in resolving conflict is being able to bring it up in the first place, rather than hold onto it and let grudges build. Communication is key.

Thanks for info. This is good read.

Wow very good

great post! thanks for sharing.

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nice work ,its difficult but not impossible ,we can try these method to make relations strong and alive