Achieving peace of mind and good health

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Some scientists say that their study shows that too much stress can lead to problems with blood pressure and other things. Some doctors also say that being afraid, angry, or hateful all the time weakens the immunity system.

Having peace of mind is one of the most important things for good health because a healthy mind is tied to a healthy body. At a press meeting I went to two years ago, someone from the media asked me if I had passed on before.

"Judging from my face, is my reincarnation urgent or not?" I asked her in jest. After that, he said there wasn't an issue.


While I was in Europe not long ago, some old friends and I looked at pictures of ourselves from twenty, thirty, and even forty years ago. We all agreed that my face still looks young.

I think you can see that I have had a lot of problems and really hard times in my life. There have been enough things that have caused me to feel anxious, depressed, and alone.

But I think my mind is pretty calm right now. I get impatient sometimes, but most of the time I'm pretty cool.

I also enjoy making fun of young women who buy a lot of makeup. For starters, your men might say it costs too much! And yes, beauty on the outside is important, but beauty on the inside is even more so.

It's possible to have a pretty face, but if you smile and love someone, even a bad face is nice. This is really beautiful. The real value is in each of us.

External devices cost a lot of money and need shops and supermarkets that are bigger and bigger. But mental peace doesn't cost anything!

If you think about and get to know these inner values, over time your negative feelings will fade away, leaving you with inner peace.

Self-confidence grows when you care more about other people and have a compassionate mindset. When you have trust in yourself, you can always act in a clear, genuine, and honest way.

This builds trusting ties with other people, and friendship is built on trust. People need friends because we are social beings.

Power, money, schooling, or knowledge aren't always necessary to make friends. Trust is the most important thing in a friendship. To start a conversation, you need to care about and respect other people's lives and well-being.

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