Truth Proves Peace is Possible.

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End Wars – Create Peace

The personification of war is a demoniac antagonist against pure peace on the planet. War, is the most directly violent tendency of our enemies. The true war to fight is the internal war to prevent our nation's from warfaring in the first place.

It is urgent that we stop all wars of aggression. What seems outside of our control, is in fact in our control, if we take action.

As pure beings of love and light, illuminate the minds of men and women, reminding them that a great period of human enlightenment and higher love is possible. What can we do to bring forward the greatest love in the world?

We must first seek enlightenment ourselves and understand it thoroughly, knowing the power of forgiveness and gratitude as well as other values that instill a true sense of justice society.

We must heal ourselves in order to heal others. Through our thorough research of material knowledge, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection we can achieve our higher order.

When we ourselves seek enlightenment and pure-heartedness we give faith for all others to benefit from. We must let others witnessing our acceptance of this duty know we can help them accept their higher function as well. Through union in positive intention we can believe in the power of numbers with the multiplier effect. Every individual matters. Their intention to grow peace on the planet has a compounding effect.

Knowing this, we must detest war openly. We must stand firm and profess positive psychology and the non-aggression principle that aligns with global ethics and morality known as natural law, regardless of any religion.

Spiritual meditation and prayer are potent for human beings to change our reality. Through our actions and intention of goodness, we can save the world together. All people must be educated about the good that is possible, to care about others, to put the future generations ahead of our temporary greed.

Join activists for enlightenment from all creeds, peacefully acquiring and distributing knowledge through our communities. From our own love for ourselves and others, we can change the paradigm. When our hearts and minds open to pure peace, violence and aggression must be a thing of the past. Our entire human species must evolve, it all starts one person at a time.

The paradigm that people who speak for true freedom, liberty and justice being framed to be crazy, is one perpetuated by the elite who profit from bloodshed in the first place. They run our government and our media so they have had control of the masses, but they are starting to lose their grip. A cognitive bias may have some weary of hearing truth because it is too foreign, that’s expected, we must persist.

I will persist and I want you to join me in promoting an objective manifestation of love consistently.

Positive Psychology

Humans are depressed. As a species, we are confused about our purpose and we often solve one problem, while creating others. How do we remove obstacles and become the best human beings possible?

There is a common thread between modern psychology and ancient philosophy. Through philosophy, psychology and other mental disciplines, humans have the ability to evolve civilization. When we actively encourage positive mentality through easy practical exercises and lifestyle changes, we can be better people, more productive, and benefit society further than we can today.

When we are productive, we have more time and we can get involved with our community.

When we get involved we manifest positive outcomes, and together, we can change the world.

Service for the People, not the Government.

Any soldier can look at a national poll and realize the majority of people don’t want them to fight these wars.

Police and Soldiers, IRS gold shields and any government agents with weapons run a monopoly on force.

This is inherent in any government and it’s dangerous unless our government is not corrupt, otherwise, force can be used to harm the innocent.

Rather than fight wars based on our nation's governmental authority to use power over others, soldiers and police can reform to be the activists in their communities.

Having come from those positions of power and understanding their level of abuse, they could leave more of an impact for all future generations if just the few right ones start speaking out and serving the community now. When more turn around towards the light of truth the trend could catch like wildfire.

There will be challenges, the ego, the soul, the spirit can be crushed in a man or woman who learned they lived a lie. To help the gentle guidance back to a neutral state to then have gratitude for the people they thought they were fighting for and doing what the people really want changed with our government.

Soldiers can fight PTSD and bring love back into their broken hearts by becoming activists and changing their meaning.

Now, a new war, an emotional war must be fought, but to get people to love again, to get people to have faith and be motivated to not fight for the government, but to fight against the corruption that exists. This starts with fighting corruption in our hearts, then more direct activism can ensue.

No one will continue fighting for a corrupt system that doesn’t represent them when they learn the truth. This is why the concepts must be spread person to person. We all must discover the best ways to have consensus on common moral standards between each other.

In regards to the subject of ending all war is to say that we must not simply promote peace, we must promote that others promote to others to promote peace. We must network rapidly, connect consistently and direct objective discussion of solutions.

Making connections, developing dialog for real interaction and following through to take others on the journey with us.

The direct democracy I promote here on this RIPAC channel is aligned with moral standards, ethics to preserve order for peace against the aggression on others who have not caused harm themselves.

The power of the pen is mightier than the sword.

The ballot is more powerful than the bullet.

The United States government can bend absolutely at the weight of no more than a pen on paper, not only by a president, but also by the multitude of the millions across the nation in States, Counties and Cities with ballot mechanisms and that's what they aren't telling you.

It’s time to wake up the masses, learn about this great idea of work and build this future with us.

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