Our Blessed Mother - Queen of Peace

in peace •  9 months ago


Virgin Mary and Child Icon.jpg

"Ever blessed and immaculate Mary, you are the heavenly patroness of our country under this beautiful title. In you generous kindness, we beg you to obtain for us a more perfect union, domestic tranquility, justice for all our citizens and the blessings of peace and prosperity for us and our descendants.

In particular we ask you to help us view all the people of this world as children of God and our brothers and sisters and to seek first just and peaceful means to redress even the most grievous wrongs done against us."

This prayer was provided by the Franciscan Mission Associates, P.O. Box 598, Mount Vernon, New York 10551-0598.

Please note that most Catholic prayers, poems, pictures, etc. are encouraged to be spread throughout the world in order to help people to come closer to God and are not copyrighted.

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