Of war... We don't speak anymore

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You can't desecrate the flag or the national anthem by kneeling at a football game without clamorous rabble, and you can't have a parade displaying military power without a cacophony of disapproval, but by God you better believe you can roll tanks and rain bombs on countries you've never visited and know nothing about for decades and nobody will say a word.

I don't know what it is, but some part of the propaganda for perpetual war is working perfectly. There has been nary a peep from any large constituency on either side of the (false) political spectrum since the Bush Jr. Presidency.

Obama's Presidency was so incredibly pacifying to the agitated masses they gave him a pass on militarism for eight years, as long as he said everything with that ultra cool and calm bravado we all came to love so dearly. He could sell us anything. Hell if the wall was his idea it might be being built right now. He is a great guy, an intelligent guy, a seeming good guy, but the fact that he kept the war machine at full throttle, even increasing the budget well over what was initially warranted during the height of the hype for the War on Terror, suggests otherwise. Every President since Kennedy has done this without question.

We have had a wonderfully effective public pushback on war efforts in the past, but today there is almost nothing, no one speaking against the atrocities we are committing daily under the guise of protecting our freedoms and spreading democracy.

Where are the peacniks? Where is the Anti-war front? Where is the outpouring of emotion for the thousands of innocent civilians killed by our military? Where are the progressives, the feminists, the don't tread on me's, the small government's?

Did you know the budget for war this year is over $700 billion? Did you hear that it was proven that the DOD was lying about the number of civilian casualties? Why oh why is almost nobody talking about this?

To tie this in to the current gun control debate I want to point out two things:

  • One, the emotional argumentation that we have to ban guns because it is so unbearable to see children die such horrible violent deaths is embodied largely by Obama fans who said nothing while he bombed the shit out of the middle east, killing thousands of innocent women and children. Again, where is the moral consistency? They only care about children when and where the idiot box tells them to.

  • Two, the argument that owning guns will not protect us against our own military because it is so incredibly advanced and powerful should scare the crap out of you, if in fact it is true. Is their logic really to just give up the guns cuz hey, resistance is futile? This is incredibly disconcerting to me and makes me want to ensure my defensive abilities all the more, not less.

So the next time you hear people calling for justice, look and see--are they consistent in their arguments or are they just reacting to emotional programming? Please, for the sake of humanity, for the children, oppose war. Keep your voice in this loud and fresh. Nothing is worse for humanity, for culture, for the environment, for freedom, than war.


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Love, love, love the SOAD reference used in the title of this awesome post.

Way to say it how it is...Not sure if you have talked about this or not, but FAST FOOD joints are the MAIN reason societies become numb. The usa is proof of this. The poison in the crap (not food) make societies fat and block the brains to higher thinking, one's higher-self. What was the 1st thing the usa brought over to Iraq after the banks? taco hell and pizza slut. Other Fast Food Shit has gone over there since.

Watch what the masses do and do the OPPOSITE!

it's really sad what happens in the world with the war and how we stay silent with that


guerra esta la cosa peor en el mundo!


you dont need speak now

I was at the last peace gatherings in the united states, they are known as rainbow gatherings and are now fully infiltrated and co-opted by the FBI, fusion centers. They distribute fake lsd to people that is really just a ghb like date rape drug and then try to bait people into situations where they will appear to be sexual predators.

I now see the military/police as being wholly separate from the civilian population of the united states, who has no say whatsoever in the actions of the military and police control. There is a secret police that uses all electronic means to harass anyone they perceive as a threat, and I had to leave the country.

People thought Obama was just going to be kinder and gentler but despite all his charm and intelligence he was just a figurehead and he knows it.

In newspaper articles about the law enforcement response to the rainbow gatherings, they repeatedly said when interviewed that they treated the event like a 'forest fire'. This means they are trying to extinguish it any way possible, and that means sometimes lighting some of the fire itself in a way that denies it fuel. That means dividing the fire into sections. Who knows what all that means, but I saw extensive efforts made, hundreds of undercover police setting up kitchens and camps to appear as if they were peace loving hippies. That's how many resources they have and that's how much they are devoted to preventing any one or any group from effectively organizing against them.

This is, of course, unconstitutional, as free assembly, free speech and free press are allowed, and this does not give the police/military the right to harass, intimidate, infiltrate, and in general be gestapo douchebags. As such I see these efforts as non-american in nature, and as more of the results of an invading force under the control of multinational corporations, banks and a tyrranical pyramidal structure.

It also means that effectively we are ruled by spies and secret police, and that all forms of public political activity are a farce, as Bernie Sanders has learned.

It also means that steemit itself, and the blockchain tech itself, is seen as a threat and will be treated the same way.

Very intelligent people spend a lot of time strategizing how to destroy these ideas. There could be a lot more going on behind the scenes we do not know about. Because our government is not in the hands of civilians, they could be keeping any secret. It actually astounds me there isn't outright nuclear war yet, this is one of many mysteries.

Rule by spies is not fun, but for anyone to have the ability to resist it, you must first understand who you are fighting. (like doctor who, you have to name your enemy before you even begin to strategize)

Hope this sheds some light on your questions.