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in peace •  2 years ago 

It does not matter what your beliefs are. Does not matter what political parties you are supporting. It does not matter if you are hindu, muslim, christian or jew, it even does not matter if you are gay, black or white or a vegetarian. Human mind matters more. Humanity matters, Love matters, Peace matters more, Interfaith harmony matters, gender equality matters. All of these are epitome of excellence and success for a mankind. Being a man or woman should not be a pit stop. Dont let society tell you WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU ARE. You are a human with freedom of choice, life and liberty. You can choose whatever you think is best for you. More importantly, you are a smarter and more capable than you can ever imagine. Ladies and gentlemen you need to get to work and be competitive and smart enough to change this world. You need to work to make this world more prosperous and peaceful.

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Well said my friend, it truly doesn't matter :P !

Glad you liked it 😃