Where we found peace

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Have you ever seen a house without a roof? I saw. I saw them in the eyeballs of a woman among the numbered pages that I was eyeing while I was looking outside. You don't understand at first sight. As I said in the book I read, we sometimes have to look at the eyes of the truth, and it takes courage to see if it's not enough to see it.

It is the place where we protect us from dangers, we know that we are safe, we feel sincerity, warmth and we go to run at the end of each day, when we go in. where we find peace.

Our house protects us from external dangers or when you look at this home without a roof, everything appears in its course, and you think it protects arms. It is not in this house, warm warm caress the skin of the sun; You can not listen to the rain with a symphony of coffee accompanied by coffee because you think it is raining at home and from the sky because it penetrates the bones.

The cold is also sharp and there is no room for fun like snowmen. Everything starts to pose a threat to life or the only thing. The situation is either accepted or waits for a child to dream of building a roof. Who knows, maybe that day doesn't come?

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caress the skin of warm warm sun; You cannot listen to rain with a coffee symphony accompanied by coffee because it is raining at home and from the sky because it penetrates the bones.