Well...TODAY's Not Such a Bad Day...

in peace •  last month  (edited)

Besides Steem rocketing back up to over 19 cents, I haven't heard any gunshots near my house this morning or afternoon so far...

When I opened my backdoor to the porch, all my vegetable plants seemingly were in order, with none of them trampled from feet that hopped over my fence fleeing from Cops in pursuit.

No crack or opium saturated zombies were nodding out or radically rocking and twisting with arms flailing out to their sides outside of my front door either...Yes...Not a bad day (so far) at all...

OH YEAH...What is THAT I DON'T hear outside either...??? NO earth shattering, loud, Gangsta, Latino Rap music ripping apart my tender ear canals causing minor explosions within my cranium. It's QUIET... huh...??? Strange...very strange...

NOT a TYPICAL Sunday at all.

Either the malfeasance laden youth of the neighborhood are still asleep, or there's been a miracle causing them to flock to Church, kneel at the alter and repent of their sins...??? I don't know...something weird is up...

Now...I may be a sort of Anarchist, Freeman, Sovereign Citizen, Free-Spirit type, of sorts...but, I don't believe in total chaos and destructive discourse as a method to produce an alternative, more peaceful and sustainable society as a result. We may need to eliminate most Politicians, Lawyers, Corporate CEO's, Bankers etc... but, do we all have to suffer among ourselves divided, hating, hurting, fighting and all that other shit?

It's been a nice peaceful day in the neighborhood today...so far...

I hope it STAYS that way...and...gets that way where YOU are my friends, if there's chaos in your midst.

Peace out.


Another Idiotically, Inspirational Jaunt into the Mind of @AngryMan on Steemit, August 11, 2019

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I think once we eliminate all the Politicians, Lawyers, Corporate CEO's, Bankers etc there won't be much hating, hurting and fighting as people realise there is no need to compete for scarce resources when we live in a world of abundance.

As for peace, I have a building being demolished on the left and another being constructed on the right. It feels like I'm in hell.

It feels like I'm in hell.

Perhaps you are, but no need to fret my dear...the noisy little devils will be out of there within a couple of months; unless it's a large commercial build...or...they're very slow and lazy construction workers.

Enjoy the peace and may it last a long time😀

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Thank you for the wishful wish, my friend.

Hey...thank you whoever you are that found me...and left a half-way decent sized up-vote, and possibly votes from a trail...???

I must say...I certainly deserve it for being such an exceptional human being.

Oh @angryman ... You ARE so right about being an exceptional human being... I applaud you for your candid honesty.

Thank you so much for your response AngryMan...where's my friggin up-vote for the comment...!?!?!?

I can't up-vote your comment if it will only be dusted away for having too small a value. You stopped paying into the Dust saving services in order to save your ass from being wiped out...

Fine...!!!! Don't up-vote me you TURD...See if I care...!!!

If you didn't care...why are you getting so huffy about it??? Besides...I AM you, and you are me, so that means that you just called yourself a TURD ... SHITHEAD...!!!!!


Yes you ARE... You have that Multiple Personality Disorder... We are one in the same people...The only reason that you remain ignorant of that fact, is that I visited a Shrink and became enlightened to the truth, whereas, YOU choose to remain in the dark about it; along with the rest of your personalities...