Please don't write every post in steemit about steemit!

in peace •  3 months ago

it should be the Reddit version (just with earning money...)

not a fucking recursion!!!!

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I think exactly the same !!!

But you know what most people here think ???

If your post doesn't consist of 100 perfectly well writter words, your post is trash and doesn't deserve a payout.

That's why I like Steepshot and DMania, because these platforms are mostly for 1 pic posts, what are easy and good too look at.


you right, stupid peoples control huge part of the platform (SP)


As sad that it is, it's true :(

True but a lot of the people on here are fixated on steemit and crypto that's why a lot of the content is focused on these two things.

When we get a more diverse userbase this should change in a big way. Some of the new apps like partiko and steepshot should help to get new users on board who didn't come here for crypto talk.

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LOL its literally the only user-generated content site that has so many posts about the platform itself its kinda mind-blowing. I used reddit and facebook for years and not even 1% of the content was ever rants about the platform sucking!

Steem is the best blockchain
Steem price is going up
Steem is future
Steem is better than gold
Steem is free internet money

and so on....


I unfollow one 'whale' for this, every post is about steemit. Damn! So boring but he is always getting paid.

Its refreshing different apps like SH, musing, steepshot and others are coming up. Steemit is just one on the blockchain.

As long as we have the bots and people begging for upvotes under every post Steemit has no future.

Ha-ha-ha! You are wright about it ! Nice to see you back to this steeming world :)


thanks! how are you super artist?


Mostly homeschooling my kids and dreaming to draw something good or something bad :) Probably will write my blog here on russian, because it is not very easy for me to wright poetically on english .


kk cool let me know if you make something!!

Hahah...true..many people use the tag to make their content common..but eaelier steemit team use to send out warning message...of not using steemit tag so often

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After seeing @stephenkendal steemit promo post, I’ve been sharing my Steemit post with my Twitter followers and I’ll be doing the same with other’s post as well.

It's one of the biggest things holding this platform back. Completely agree. Folk don't spend all day on fb writing about fb....

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I've noticed this trend as well. I think it's just temporary. Everybody seems to be running around shilling, some of the positive side and some of the negative side. I'm kind of tired of reading about that kind of thing though. I don't come here to constantly look in the mirror and that's all that we're doing. I want to see something new.