Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 04/09/2018

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We have finished the weekly AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram on Sep 4. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Part 1: Technology Questions
Q1: Will there be a mobile phone wallet and a desktop wallet for staking for PCHAIN?
A1: Wallet is for sure while we would encourage to have full node for better stake

Q2: Will there be github code & technical paper release along with the testnet launch on Sept 13 ?
A2: Our patents are in the last step of submission. we will begin to reveal more details of multichain, pdbft, and panda...

Q3: Will mainnet launch also will be early?
A3: We don't estimate, but we will try our best to make our project perfect.

Q4: PCHAIN in the future will conduct Hackathons?
A4: Yes. it's our plan.

Q5: How much TPS a worldclass blockchain must have to be integrated in many industries and get mass adoption that everyone talks about but nobody can reach?
A5: In fact, tps is not just 1 dimension,it includes a lot of details. In real applications,50k tps is a checkpoint

Q6: How possible to store terabytes of data being added to the chain, if you have 60k + tps ?
A6: Good question, we already consider this. we had a solution on that, and we are considering to extend it to a new feature of PCHAIN.

Q7: What do you think are the 3 most important reasons projects use to select a platform for their DApp and why they should prefer PCHAIN?
A7: Scalability with good decentralization,instant finalty to avoid long term attack,smart data new oracle.

Q8: Is there more perfect consensus in the world than pdbft ?
A8: By now,it's the best balance of scalability and decentralization as far as I known.

Q9: Do coders who have learned solidity need any additional training to be able to work on PCHAIN DApp?
A9: No need. They can seemless move to PCHAIN. and our experiments already proof this

Q10: You were asked about ur competitors and ur answer was PCHAIN is your competitor can you pls elaborate?
A10: Blockchain is still in early stage and bunch of problems have not been well resolved. there are huge oppertunity to every project. to win in one time is not that hard. the real challenge is how to success continously in this huge oppertunity and challenge age.

Q11: How can you interact with Bcash that doesn't support smart-contracts?
A11: We can support non native token to call the smart constract capability provided by PCHAIN.

Q12: Maybe your team make compiler from java or others to dapps language?
A12: Currently we suppport EVM. Solidity. So etherum dapp can run on PCHAIN seemless

Q13: Do PCHAIN consider to add the privacy feature to smart contract?
A13: Yes. We got many direction to follow.

Part 2: Marketing Questions
Q1: Quite a number of projects end up delaying the mainnet launch date. How confident are you that PCHAIN will deliver a robust and market ready mainnet as currently planned?
A1: Nobody can guarantee the future, but we can get some hint by the history.

Q2: Apart from technical part, what team is planning and working on mass adoption?
A2: Yes, more and more interesting dapp is seeking collaboration with PCHAIN, and we may show you a dapp of our partner working on PCHAIN testnet in our testnet launch event.

Q3: Maybe PCHAIN have security audit of companies with a worldwide reputation?
A3: We have several security partners.

Q4: Do you consider making PCHAIN very accessible to people who do not have much experience about crypto (private keys, blockchain explorer etc) fast and easy access, to get PCHAIN to be easiest for users?
A4: Yes, that's an important direction and we are planning to dev various tools to facilitate the dev in PCHAIN ecosystem.

Q5: Will u shorten the timeline of mainnet?
A5: We are working on testnet. It may be a little earlier to talk about mainnet :) as my previous msg. We will try our best

Q6: Will smart contracts on PCHAIN be able to be updated or changed?
A6: Yes, to have a updatable smart contract is an early patent invented by me, while we will integrate this step by step as PCHAIN already has too many innovations.

Q7: For a 100 super nodes, is it considered as decentralization? Should it be more nodes?
A7: Yes. Much more nodes than 100.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!
PCHAIN will hold AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on telegram every Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm (Singapore time). See you next week!

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