PCHAIN (PAI) Weekly Progress Report (5/11/2018–11/11/2018)

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Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.
We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred last week.

Development Progress

  1. Maintain Pchain TestNet 1.0 for testing
  2. Keep debugging the process of balance transferring between child-chain and main chain
  3. Finish coding for the enhanced PDBFT consensus, start merging code to main branch
  4. Keep debugging the p2p module of pchain
  5. Investigate solution for cross-chain transaction
  6. Start the documentation work
  7. Start building the community forum website
  8. Start investigating the functions of pchain wallet


PCHAIN Will Start Unlocking the Team Tockens after MainNet Launch

1.PCHAIN TestNet was launched one month earlier than our roadmap on 13th Sept 2018.
2.Our original plan for team tokens is to start unlocking after the TestNet launched.However,for the betterment of the ecosystem and community services of PCHAIN,the PCHAIN committee after discussion has decided to start unlocking the team tockens only after MainNet launch,and will complete the team token distribution linearly within 24 months thereafter.
3.PCHAIN promises that our team tokens will remain locked until above mentioned times.For complete transparency anyone can follow the wallet

PCHAIN Technology:The Dynamic Join-and-Exit Mechanism of the PCHAIN Validator

Recently,our CTO,Steven Lv, posted an article about the dynamic Join-and-Exit mechanism of PCHAIN validator.He mad a deep dive into the principles and process of PCHAIN dynamic bidding.PCHAIN adopts its own unique PDBFT consensus mechanism which supports thousands of Validator nodes to efficiently reach consensus.It also enables a dynamic-join-and-exit mechanism for the Validator, eliminates manual intervention, and automatically replaces the Validator nodes, thus effectively maintaining the decentralization features of blockchain.
In general,PDBFT improves efficiency, speed of consensus, and decentralization. At present, this technology has applied for a patent.

Public Chain Technology Alliance Launch Press Conference,Exploring the Development Boundary of Public Chain

On November 10th 2018,public chain technology alliance launch press conference&first closed-foor sharing meeting was sucessfully held in Shanghai.At the round table of "Public Chain Competition and Cooperation" hosted by Mars Financial sponsor Wang Feng, PCHAIN founder Dr. Feng Cao believes that it takes at least two years for the public chain to start working and actually get better results. Only make a good preparation can go through the process of accumulating experience and breaking out.Because of its "natural, pure" qualities, the public chain will certainly be better than the Internet in the future, and everyone can become part of this ecosystem.However,the most important problem in this process is TPS.PCHAIN aims to make large-scale application of blockchain possible through innovative blockchain technology. The peak TPS of 123424 in PCHAIN TestNet1.0 is just a beginning.
Xu Yiji, founder of the Venture Vision Program, Dr. Pu Songtao from the CCID Research Institute and the first partners of the Technology Alliance are present at this conference,including Nebulas, Bytom, HPB, NULS, XMAX, YouDeal and Atlas Protocol,etc. Besides, some relevant cooperation agencies and communities, special guests, media, etc. attended the event.

PCHAIN attended the China Lithuania Economic Cooperation Forum

On November 5th 2018,Dr. Feng Cao, founder of PCHAIN was invited to attend the China Lithuania Economic Cooperation Forum and the China Lithuania Financial Technology Cooperation Summit.The President of the Republic of Lithuania and the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania also attend this summit and introduce the LBChain which issued by the Bank of Lithuania.The public chain has received much attention from all countries. It is believed that the innovative application of blockchain technology will be well developed with the support of people from all walks of life.

PCHAIN PANDA Plan Weekly Ranking Update

PCHAIN PANDA plan personal scores and weekly rankings have been updated .
Friendly remind Again:
There will be one chance to increase PAI from November 21st to November 22nd.
Supernode Registration link: http://supernode.pchain.org

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