PCHAIN (PAI) Weekly Progress Report (20/10/2018–26/10/2018)

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Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.
We would like to present you with our latest progress update. Please read below for a rundown of some important things that have occurred last week.

Development Progress

The team starts coding for enhanced consensus mechanism. A few major improvements include:

  1. Maintain Pchain TestNet 1.0 for testing
  2. Add test cases and test new version of Pchain
  3. Keep refactoring the process of balance transferring between child-chain and main chain
  4. Keep coding for the enhanced PDBFT consensus
  5. Start refactoring the P2P module of PCHAIN
  6. Investigate solution for cross-chain transaction
  7. Keep improving the auto-test framework

PCHAIN Technical News

Why Can the PCHAIN Peak TPS Achieve 120k+
On Oct. 24.2018, Dr. Feng Cao, founder of PCHAIN, posted a technical article about the history and status of TPS in Blockchain.
How does TPS become a core issue that the blockchain needs to solve?
How could TPS be calculated in blockchain?
How to improve TPS in current public blockchain ?

PCHAIN is glad to become the inaugural cohort of Public Chain Technology Alliance
Recently, PCHAIN was honored to be the inaugural cohort of Public Chain Technology Alliance, which was launched by Bitsclub Vision Program. PCHAIN with Nebulas, Bytom, HPB, NULS, XMAX, YouDeal and Atlas Protocol will cooperate to set up technical standards for public chains. While connecting blockchain ecosystems with developer communities, each public chain can develop its strength and help each other to foster the standardized development of the blockchain. The Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP) was initiated by Hitters XU, founder of Bitsclub and Nebulas, together with Dr. Ye, partner at SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC), and Danhua Capital, Oneboat Capital and Odaily.

PCHAIN & CoinXP Achieved Strategic Cooperation
3.jpgRecently, PCHAIN and CoinXP achieved a strategic cooperation. CoinXP is the vertical public chain focusing on cross-chain trading. PCHAIN & CoinXP will work on the technologies of cross-chain and decentralized assets custody together to enhance the advantages of both ecosystems and build a close loop of the value transfer through crypto trading, and ultimately strengthen the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


PCHAIN was invited to CNCC and delivered a speech on blockchain and knowledge graph
On Oct 24th 2018, Dr. Feng Cao, founder of PCHAIN attended the CNCC2018 (China National Computer Congress2018) and delivered a speech on “blockchain and knowledge graph” in the in the Knowledge Graph Digital Economy forum. The knowledge graph and the smart data complement each other to solve the problem that the smart contract is not closed loop, and at the same time, as corresponding modules built in the node, they can support data acquisition of large-scale industrial applications.

PCHAIN attended the Junction 30-day Countdown Launch Ceremony
On Oct. 24.2018, PCHAIN was invited to attend Junction× Digital Nation Hachathon 30-day Countdown Launch Ceremony. Juncion CEO Liri sent a blessing video on Launch Ceremony and expressed that blockchain track would be the most exciting and anticipating. As the partner of main chain, PCHAIN will mentor the youngers with top international technology giants such as NEO, Bytom, Facebook, European Space Agency and Microsoft.
Junction official website:https://2018.hackjunction.com/

Closing Words

A huge thanks to the community for actively supporting our project.
We look forward to sharing with you our next weekly progress report!
Stay tuned for more exciting developments. We will see you next week!

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