PCHAIN (PAI) Weekly Progress Report (2018/09/15–2018/09/21)

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Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.
To keep the community updated, we summarize our latest progress and activities of the PCHAIN project here.

Development Progress

The team keeps improving the consensus mechanism. A few major improvements include:

  1. Maintain Pchain TestNet 1.0 for testing
  2. New version of Pchain runs main chain successfully, and start debuging child-chain creation process
  3. Refactor the RPC of child-chain creation and validator join-exit process
  4. Investigate solution for higher performance
  5. Investigate solution for cross-chain transaction
  6. Keep improving the auto-test framework


PCHAIN was invited to participate in Eleven Global meetup

Emily Yao, the marketing director of PCHAIN, attended Eleven Global meetup and shared the latest development of PCHAIN, which include 3 key features of PCHAIN: Multichain+PDBFT+Dynamic Supernode, and PCHAIN Testnet(123,424 TPS), which surprised all the guests present.

Details: https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1042037680643567616

Consensus 2018 (Singapore): PCHAIN, blockchain 3.0

PCHAIN, as one of the sponsors of Consensus 2018 (Singapore), gave a keynote speech on PCHAIN, blockchain 3.0 on Consensus. PCHAIN takes multi-chain and cross-chain as the main development direction of technology, aiming to solve the current problems of scalability, interoperability, etc. Based on the unique PDBFT consensus algorithm, the performance will increase linearly with the infinite increase of sub-chain, making large-scale blockchain application possible.
Details: https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1042283805044748288

On September 20, after the 2018 Singapore Consensus conference, Dr. Cao Feng met with many Blockchain projects in Singapore Blockchain Hub to discuss how Blockchain projects can better develop in a bear market.

Registration for PCHAIN PANDA plan has been extended to Oct 20

Recently,PCHAIN Executive Dynamic Super Nodes Campaign was consulted by more and more people after the testnet launched. Therefore, the official decided to extend the deadline of registration from September 22 to Oct 20, during which users can add PAI at any time. After the deadline of registration, users can only add PAI on Nov 21 and 22. This week's ranking has seen a big shift from the previous few weeks, with the number one user for three weeks being overtaken and down to number two. More ranking information can be found in the link below.
Register link:http://supernode.pchain.org

PCHAIN’s partnership updated:

PCHAIN Reaches Strategic Cooperation with OneLedger

On September 11, 2018, PCHAIN signed a strategic partnership with OneLedger. The two sides will collaborate to assist each other with cross-chain technological development, ecological construction, blockchain applications, and other aspects to jointly create a distributed financial ecosystem.
Details: https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1043464409153040384

Closing Words

A huge thanks to the community for actively supporting our project. We look forward to sharing with you our next weekly progress report!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments. We will see you next week!

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