PCHAIN Ecosystem Progress Report No.1

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PCHAIN Ecosystem Progress Report No.1

We are glad that PCHAIN ecosystem is getting bigger. We are honored that PCHAIN grows with more and more partnerships and community members. Here is the first ecosystem progress report.

1.SECBIT ( https://secbit.io/ )
Recently, SECBIT published “How the winner got Fomo3D prize — A Detailed Explanation” ,and also reported attacks in Last Winner and other Fomo3d-like games that attackers made use of the airdrop bug in the original Fomo3D game to get much prize, along with vulnerabilities in Fomo3D Quick. As a fan of blockchain and smart contract, SECBIT Labs is eager to embrace a secure, fair, outstanding and interesting smart contract game in the future.

**2.CertiK (https://certik.org/ ) **
As the FOMO3D due to too many uncertainties and potential loopholes, i.e. hackers can block/jam the traffic on Ethereum, CertiK officially urged their community DYOR before engaging in gambling-alike smart contracts. From the cooperation side, CertiK and ICON Foundation reached strategic cooperation on building an intelligent smart contract security verification system.

3.InVault (https://www.invault.io/website/index.html)
InVault is a turn-key digital asset management platform founded by finance and info-security professionals on a global scale, providing comprehensive and diversified Blockchain-based financial services. They will hold a product launch event in Shanghai on sept 7,2018.

4.IEEE Blockchain Initiative (https://blockchain.ieee.org/)
2018 IEEE Global Blockchain Summit will be held on 17-19 Sep , and IEEE Blockchain Initiative reminding friendly that 2018 IEEE Global Blockchain Summit registration will be closed on 10 Sep.

5.Bodhi (http://www.bodhi.network/)
Bodhi has published and released their beta version for Qrypto on the Chrome Web Store. This version has the complete package with decentralized app (dapp) interaction. They have also included the QRC20 Token sending and receiving functionality.

6.DEx.top (DEx.top)
DEx.top announced that the new contract will allow a more transparent transaction and their users can get their currency within 30 days after the contract is stopped. User’s asset security is further enhanced.

7.Qbao Network (https://qbao.fund/#/
An event “4 million UBC Ultra Candy Airdrop on Qbao Network” is going on. And they continued to develop their platform includes improving functions to support more third-party DApps、optimizing transfer and withdraw interface、improving the support development of payment SDK for WEB end payment and so on.

8.Fujian Strait Blockchain Research Institute
Fujian strait block chain research institute, as a member of the board of BBS of China blockchain technology and industrial development, participated in the preparation of research report on the development of China block chain technology and application (2018)。

More partners progress will be updated from time to time. Stay tunned.

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