Parts Needed To Build a PC: EVERYTHING You Need To Know in 2022 (7K words 😵‍💫)

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Integrated AMD or Intel graphics? How many threads should the processor have? What are the parts needed to build a PC – whether is a gaming pc, a cheap desktop pc or an office pc? Read our detailed guide to set up your own desktop PC just the way you want it.

Buying a computer is a process that presents some particular difficulties for someone who has no experience in this subject.

  • Which processor goes with which motherboard?
  • What memory speed should I choose?
  • How big a power supply do I need?

These are some of the questions that surely go through the beginner’s mind.

But even for the experienced user, choosing hardware is not a simple task, with the questions that ”plague” him being much more complex!

Questions such as:

  • Is my motherboard’s VRM capable of Overclock?
  • Or even, how many ranks should RAMs have for ideal performance?

This tutorial is here to address these and other questions! A beginner’s guide as well as a guidance for the seasoned computer lovers.

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