A glass of wine and planning my new PC

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I'm back and I'm back to stay! The last few weeks have been some of the most intense weeks of my life. As some of you might have read earlier I've been building on our first rental cottage on the island and now it finally got ready! On the same day as the first guests arrived from Australia :D So, the amount of hours I've put down on that building during the last weeks is A LOT! I didn't even have time to take good pictures of the ready cabin but I will share a post of the whole build when I get my energy back. So my absence has nothing to do with the cryptos running full speed downwards...

No I need to get back on my feet and concentrate on the harbor business 'cause it's high season and the most important time of our business year. Here's my secret survival method that gets applied every year when my extrovert side is in full speed and when a big part of my workday is about meeting people and serving their holiday needs.

Survival method: Planning gaming season!

This year I have to make some drastic moves because my old PC suddenly announced that it's broken and doesn't want to be fixed...RIP. The same evening as the announcement I jumped online and ordered parts for a new computer! My goal is to build my next PC and try to get parts that fits my tight budget. When September comes I want to be ready to dig out my introvert side and just sink myself into the world of computer games! (DayZ 0.63 beta might be up and running!?!?!?!)
So, today (my first free day in a long time) I poured myself a glass of wine and started unpacking parts that have arrived during the last week!



  • ASUS Prime Z270-P motherboard (used)
  • Intel core i7 8700k CPU
  • GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics card (from old computer)
  • RAM 16 gigabyte (suggestions?)

That's the plan this far! Please comment if you have any good advice at this point! Things I need to get is the fan for the CPU, hard drives, RAM...

Happy to be back friends!!!

xo, IslanderMan

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Is your toy ready? 😀


No, still need to get a few things! :) realisticly I think I will have time to play in august so I'm not in a hurry!


Good luck :)