Paywithsteem : We Are Officially Registered As PAYWITHSTEEM LTD!

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Paywithsteem : We Are Officially Registered As PAYWITHSTEEM LTD!

Our team has come a long way since 4 months ago in November 2017. When we first started up this project, we saw it as an opportunity to create the first B2C (Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce initiative on the STEEM blockchain. Like all start-ups, the first stages have been a challenge to close the gap between our vision and the consumers needs.

We kept our fingers crossed and grit our teeth despite the dips (or some would call it a 'crash'), and we're proud to announce to everyone today that Paywithsteem is now an official registered company in the UK!


How Far We've Come

Gauging from the response about the project on our Discord channel, we found a bigger market beyond just offering an e-commerce platform to shop. Previously, Paywithsteem was aiming to become the e-commerce cornerstone on the blockchain. Like AMAZON, except we trade in STEEM or SBD.

After analyzing external factors, however, we have concluded that the wiser move is a slight tweak in our business direction.

Think, but on STEEM. This gives all Steemians access to a seamless shopping experience with payment in STEEM or SBD. Basically, all Steemians will be able to buy anything online using STEEM or SBD, through our service. This means that as soon as we launch our service, no matter where in the world you wish to shop, you'll have the option to pay for your things online with STEEM or SBD (we only charge a small fee).


Currently, the team is raising funds to automate the entire process.

As we're preparing this post, a fellow Steemian web developer is currently working on revamping our website. We want to automate Paywithsteem and move away from Shopify's layout. This whole revamping thing brings about a few benefits as follows:

  • Providing the Steemit community with a quick, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience with STEEM and SBD
  • With no operations person in between, we are able to lower our fees of 20% to as low as 10%
  • This also means no human error
  • With less operations work on our hand, we can focus on expanding regionally (beyond USA and UK)



Hence we're announcing that from now on, all SBD generated from our posts will be turned into STEEM via the internal market. In the event that we did not manage to rake in $10,000 via payouts for our posts, we will power down our SP to withdraw the profits earned in order to sustain our project.

If you have any questions just ask below!

A huge thank you from the @paywithsteem team for any support received!


‘Spend Where you Earn’

The Team at Paywithsteem wishes you Happy New Year!

KONG 39.png

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’

Your friendly Community Store.

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Interesting stuff, will keep a close eye on this project!


You guys are early to the game! With the ability to launch ICOs on steem (SMTs), lots of people will be attracted to build on steem. there will be an increasing demand for @paywithsteem. from a strategic perspective, i salute your move from wanting to be amazon to leveraging amazon.

More importantly, how can we help beyond the up-vote?

Note that I am not a developer.


So much early to the game can say


Exactly! We wanted to set up nice and early so we are already established for when all the new users come. Unfortunately there is no other way to support us other than votes right now :(

It looks great!

Congratulations. may be you are the first of its kind of service.

Great idea. Full support from me...

Congratulations!! Excited to have this service


Thank You!

This is awesome and what seems to be a natural development for our favourite crypto here on!

Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic news with us all and a giant CONGRATULATIONS to you all for such a powerful initiative that will see success after success!!!

Namaste :)


cryptoes are future...

Amazing !! Congratulations with this start up. Will be Great, Im curious how the endresult will look like.


It will be great! We here @paywithsteem are looking forward to the end result too, It will for sure take time but we will get there!

wow this is a huge step forward! I just looked on your website and I love the Amazon idea! Exciting times lay ahead :)

Nice project, you have my upvote and i will be definitely following you close. When i learnt about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies could help us create a better world and a more equal economy i was like.. i want to go all in!! keep up the good work!!

wow thats great and really amazing we are looking forward to this innovation. thank you to the person behind this. this will be the one of the great contribution in the steemit community

Wow its really good, congratulations

This post has received gratitude of 24.48 % from @appreciator thanks to: @paywithsteem.

It's good to see steem adoption..keepup the good work.

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This is awesome, thank you guys for your hard work.

Creative idea.. Thumbs up team

well that's certainly one thing we need more off. ways to use and convert the STEEM/SBD into real life useful things. nice one!

dream comes true by hard work! well done.

Wohoo, so many questions! What are your thoughts on going on air at mspwaves radio to talk more about your project in depth?


We would love to come on air with you guys! If I (@btcvenom) can't make it I will see if another member of the team can. Feel free to contact me on Discord to chat more about it - btcvenom#6875

Congratulations, this is great as the steemit community is expanding, kudos to your progress and seeing opportunity in steem

Wow congratulations

appreciate the effort looks like a worth while endeavour as I love actually being able to use crypto to buy everyday things. Hopefully soon I will be able to buy some plane tickets with SBD!

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing more from your team.

Epic to say the least

I love this idea! I think this definitely change how things are being marketed and I believe it will be for the good.

This is terrific! I do have a question I'd like to see if I can find out an answer too . . . I own a few different businesses, and I already sell many of my products online, so how can we contact Steemit about selling our products in your marketplace?

congratz :)

finally you guys dig up the bone.

This is a big and exciting project and exactly the kind of thing STEEM needs to help it grow as a currency. The social media stuff is great and definitely our USP but STEEM has great characteristics for transactions too. Good luck guys!

Hy stemian
Saya lihat postingan anda bagu dan keren abis.

nice post, follow and apvote back

CONGRATULATION for this innovative Idea. It's become too easier to maintain steemit account for users.
I hope your huge success 💪💪 in this platform🎇🎇🎇🎇.

Go ahead....🔝🔝IMG_20180212_155113.png


great initiative ..

Wow! It seem to be good project for steemian.
And I hope u to have a success in the platform~

This i super nice and it seems to be a natural development for my favorite crypto here on

Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic news i really like this thats why i resteem. CONGRATULATIONS to you all for such a powerful initiative that will see success after success!

this a good idea anyhow congratulation keep the good work

Wow its a huge step forward, with this amazon idea

Congratulations. Achievement Appreciated @ paywithsteem

thats a good news, specially for our beginners here.

great idea it worked for bit coin.
new follower.
good luck and keep up the good work

I think is a nice move, it is much better to just focus on the payment process than try to get into a whole ecommerce site with all its dificulties. I whish you best luck and hope we can have steem payments very soon

Nice, good luck!

Nice work @paywithsteem team. I look forward to using the service or being a part of it/

Congratulations! Keep it up

waaah. Good friend. increase knowledge

That sounds promising. I had no idea such a projekt was underway. I'll be definitely following it.

Beware of @berniesanders, the Communist Cunt.

There's no way this site is ever going to be good if users are repressed by a Communist Committee just 2 or 3 months after they join the platform. Nope, this won't ever, ever... ever work.

Steemit Is Ruled By A Communist Party

Are you accidentally helping Rand0whale as a self appointed Steemit censor?

Whales and others, their behaviour on full display

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the initiative is to be applauded and trying to bring steem or SBD out there as a means of payment is really cool
but did i understand it correctly that you will charge a 10% commission and you consider that good since it isnt 20%
IMO 10% is huge if you compare this with a creditcard... So why would anyone use this?
unless I am missing something here

sounds really great

Your dedication & perseverence has paid off. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!
Please keep us updated on the progress!


It sure has! Next step PayWithSteem 2.0!


I think this is absolutely FANTASTIC! Imagine the possibilities? It's going to be great to be able to set writing goals based on products you want. Want a new TV? Get writing! A new laptop? Start putting out some great content!

Not only is this going to revolutionize Steem & SBD as a means of paying for products, it's going to result in a massive increase in users and awesome content. I'm super excited!

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

This is a great idea. It will help give a added value to this platform. It will essentially be its own economic system. I will definitely be a proud steem customer.

Nice to hear this works for some people. I struggle with getting any kind of attention🤔

mass adoption here we come !!

We still gotta pay that's the most hard thing to do 😂

Its a wonderful idea

thank you for this option

The next step. Thank you for your confidence in steem and us the community. Looking forward to see empowerment on both sides and future leaps forward.


Very cool. I'm off to check out the shop now and see what I can buy!


Not much right now, We are currently closed as we are working on PayWithSteem v2.0!

Love it. Love creating use models and love the winner spirit. logosteem.png

I want to use my steem with y'all but I do not see why I need to go through SteemConnect. Is it not possible for yall to take payments directly to your steem account?

I cannot wait!

This is an amazing idea!! Love it


Try and have a wide range of products. The more products you have, the better your chances of having many steemians as your customers.

Sounds good, but ... 10%??? For payment with a network that charges zero transaction fees???

I understand many of the issues involved in creating crypto payment solutions, and know how challenging it can be to keep fees low when every service provider needs to collect their cut, but 10% is more than double the fees charged by standard fiat payment systems like paypal and stripe. So, respectfully, I think you will have to do better if you want this to be an attractive proposition from a business perspective.


Am glad to hear this type of analysis from you. It gives us the ability to understand the financial aspects better.


Sure thing. Just consider scale: if the total fee were kept under 5%, that would be in the ballpark of what people have come to expect (it's what coinbase charges for instant card purchases of crypto, for example), and may result in a customer base that is 10x+ as large as the customer base such a service would attract with a 10% rate.


Fees remind me that someone wrote to me that blocktrades charges around 10% fees.
Both blocktrades and bitshares failed to work for me and no one helped.
bitshares does not even let me register.
bittrex does not want me to register.
In the meanwhile, want to give me a referral link to binance?
I failed to find its registration page, and I saw it has referral links.


Just because you repeat the same statements week after week doesn't make them true. I tried to help you and you disregarded everything I had to say and continue complaining in responses to my comments.

You can definitely set up a bitshares account. The only thing that could be preventing you from doing so is user error.

You can definitely set up a binance account. Here is a link to the accounts registration page. Note that this link is prominently displayed on the landing page.

Please consider the possibility that you may need to learn additional new computer skills before attempting to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Just because you repeat the same statements week after week doesn't make them true.

I repeat them because they remain true

I tried to help you and you disregarded everything I had to say and continue complaining in responses to my comments.

Did I?
If I complained in respose to your reply it is because it failed to work.

You can definitely set up a bitshares account.

Only from another computer.

The only thing that could be preventing you from doing so is user error.

What does it mean?

Please consider the possibility that you may need to learn additional new computer skills before attempting to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

What additional computer skills?

Appreciate the registration link.
Sure you want to waste an opportunity to give a referral link?


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greatstuff, brow!! :):)

Wow congrats, we are happy to see this online store where we can shop using our sbd and steem. This is great idea.

nice and followed for more!

This is actually the first time I have heard of this and sounds most interesting and innovative. Congrats on the registration cert.
I will definitely keep looking in and perhaps be a part of it when everything is up and running.

So we can buy directly by sbd without switching to a dollar. It is amazing

Great idea! The STEEM World is just getting better and better, thanks to STEEMIANS like you.

There's no better time than the future! Big thumbs up!

Congrats! As a newbie I am excited to have joined this community and this great platform.

Great news

Excellent! This sounds very useful.

This is cool thanks for sharing
Great idea

It's amazing to see the steem blockchain growing big and bigger each passing day. This is very yuuuuuuuuuuge news. Congratulations @paywithsteem

Wow this looks really cool! Paying online anywhere with steem would be truly visionary and bring real value to the community. How is it supposed to work? Will there be a us dollar to steem / SBD conversion gateway? Or will you use an intermediate cryptocurrency?

PayWithSteem sounds good! But what if I want to pay with SBD?

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great news!
I wish you full succes!

Congratulations @paywithsteem!
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The opportunity with the new direction is business is game changing! Being able to shop with lower fees and get products shipped worldwide without charge back is a major key. I look forward to taking part in this and seeing just how high @steemit and @paywithsteem can grow on the @steem #blockchain.

I got to say, your project caught my interest. I'm curious about how the Steem SMT's will change this platform (from gaining to actually being able to spend it), and how this will change your platform once it starts establishing itself.
More than that, I'm curious about your team, if you're recruiting and if you'd let someone like me (music artist) do some promotion for you or something.


I like your approach towards potential opportunities.

Nice. I have had things get lost in transit that I had ordered online when it's outside the country I live in. Can I make a profit buying and selling things at a discount for SBD?

Incredible concept...... Am all in

Congratulations for this project! I'm sure it will be a big contribution to the steemit ecosystem

do you vote for me ? please..

please voteback..