Paywithsteem : Our 3rd Fundraiser Post

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Paywithsteem : Our 3rd Fundraiser Post

Hi guys, this is our third announcement and we need all the support we can get from you! As you know, we are working on making Paywithsteem to become fully automated platform that functions like! Aside from its main function, you will also be able to shop on Paywithsteem, except this time, you don't have to wake for either one of us to be present to process your order.
As for progress, kindly note that we have currently engaged a Steemian website developer to rebuild our site (so that we can move away from Shopify's UIUX and be independent). Ultimately, we want all of you to enjoy a seamless shopping experience using your STEEM or SBD.

Every Upvote Counts!

To keep the site up and running, we need money. Money's always been a challenge for many startup projects, hasn't it? Hence, we'd like to appeal to the community to upvote, resteem, and share this post to help support our initiative. An upvote costs you nothing, and with SBD prices bouncing back so high up now, all the more these votes matter to us!

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Why Are We Upgrading Paywithsteem?

  • All orders will be fully automated even when the team is offline (we need to sleep too!)
  • Speedy transaction like every online shopping should be, with STEEM and SBD
  • As secure as using your debit or credit card (no human error)
  • The team can take their hands off the operations work and expand regionally (beyond USA and UK!)

Where Do The Funds Go?

Every SBD earned from this post goes directly to the development of Paywithsteem. All transactions can be tracked on our wallet in which you will see our Steemian developer being paid for this good work!

KONG 39.png

Our Project Timeline

  • The first thing that will happen is a fully-automated Amazon Wish List feature that functions like, but on STEEM.
  • Building a brand new website and become independent of Shopify.
  • Lowering Fees; reducing 20% fee to as low as 10%
    If you have any questions just ask below!
    A huge thank you from the @paywithsteem team for any support received!


‘Spend Where you Earn’

The Team at Paywithsteem wishes you Happy New Year!

PWS Team.jpg

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’

Your friendly Community Store.


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It not exactly like for people in would buy the amazon product for you then get the crypto. The person buying the crypto pays a slight more premium price and the person buying the project with crypto gets a discount bc of the high price.
If @paywithsteem become more like this i would use it more.
The other part aka @paywithsteem the one buying the product for someone else in exchange for crypto can stay and charge a higher price bc it a quicker service.

it was a beautiful project

Really nice concept. This type of information and platforms helps new users like me. Looking forward to new initiative.

Itb was the first time I heard of PayWithSteem, but I see a huge potential in it. This is a real big step towards mass adoption 👍

This is a very worthwhile project and a huge step forward for the steem ecosystem. I'm hoping you will open more things up for the global community in the near future and not just localized, that will be the true test. Prices are also a little high to start, but I suppose you need as much money as possible to get started. I'm going to try and help you guys more and more in the future, a huge project and very important

A nice and interesting post about steem
As a new user i need some help, Please guide how can i make improvement in steem it
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