Paywithsteem : Announcing our Amazon Wish List Feature!

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Paywithsteem : Shop on AMAZON with STEEM!

We’re announcing our latest AMAZON Wishlist service on Paywithsteem! If you’ve been shopping regularly on AMAZON, this is great news for you.


AMAZON is unrivalled when it comes to online shopping, from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, electronics, computer stuff, fashion, arts & crafts, and more. By doing so, we are broadening the spectrum of products that are available for your purchase if you wish to spend your STEEM instead of dollars.

With this, if you like something you see on AMAZON, you can now Paywithsteem for those stuff, and here's how to do it.

*We only ship within the United States for now. If you’d like to use this service, please ensure that you have selected US under ‘Country’.


You can find a full tutorial HERE on how to use this new service!

Previous Announcement: We're also working hard to get the Public Listing Space up & running!


If you've missed our previous announcement here, these are three things for everyone to look forward to in the near future:

  • Public Listing
  • Delivery to the UK
  • The license to sell brands that you love

Have you started your Christmas shopping on Paywithsteem?

Hurry! We have over 150 items from 12 categories on our online store ranging from children toys to clothings for men and women to suit your shopping needs for the coming festive season. Our Christmas Sales will last until 25th November 2017 only to ensure that you get your gifts on time.



‘Spend Where you Earn’

The Team at Paywithsteem wishes you Happy Holidays!

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’

Your friendly Community Store.


Great Idea and extremely good execution !!!
Good for steemit community .

$5 for a GIF man youre makin more off postin GIFs than most of us make per post XD I love it!

nice video, follow me.

Done . Hope you have also followed me .

Love to see new things happening in the community :)

Great concept and good for the Steemit community.
As @Simplysara points out, the costs at this time are more than using Amazon direct; and, as you accurately reply, that is due to the fees associated with converting Steem/SBD to BTC, and then BTC to fiat. You note that that is about $10 at current pricing.
Alas, the dogmatic challenge of all cryptocurrencies during these infancy years; the dreaded processing fees. Kind of like the ole "shipping and handling" fees that would get you following your purchase of a late night informercial product during the 90's. It would be of a product you just had to have, was not available in stores, and if you act now you'll get two for the price of one. S&H fees or not, you bought the product.
Flash forward to now (post internet), and most shipping and handling fees are nonexistent or minimal.
Yes, currently all cryptocurrencies face too high of fees, but with time and continued acceptance and usage, these fees will diminish, if not become todays "free shipping and handling" from crypto exchanges just to get and keep your business.
@Steemit is a great platform to generate cryptocurrency for enlightening posts and concepts. I'm all in.
'Up-posts' to @paywithsteem for thinking outside the box, identifying a need, and creating a channel to fill that need.
Post on @Steemit, earn Steem, shop at @paywithsteem: shopping with free money. What could be better or smarter.

Great news. Full steem ahead !

Great News!
Upvoted and resteemed!

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Maybe you should explain a bit the benefit of attending that event because it look a bit like spam. (I know it's not)

That is a great addition. Any plan for selling giftcards (egiftcard) with STEEM/SBD, that will literally open door to all kinds of products. used to sell egiftcards even with LiteCoin (LTC) when LTC has the similar market cap as STEEM right now.

That's a damn good idea!

This would be a great idea!

Very cool - the future is now

It's happening!

Yes it is! AWESOME!!!

Finally. It's a great day for Steem!

Upvoted, resteemed AND I paid $10 SBD to @booster to boost this!

I think @thejohalfiles may also help this one and @adept and @stellabelle and @neoxian

and thanks to @tytran for the upvote! youre positioning yourself to becoming a supporter of all the brightest and most helpful projects on steem!

Good day, I'm an investor from Russia want to invest in a steem blog, can I use this wallet as the main for steem coin?

Great idea! this is a great addition to the community! Tried to order something to show support but was disappointed when I saw that you only ship to the US. Do you plan on adding worldwide shipping?
Resteemed to get the word out! Good luck with your project. I am sure this will go a long way.

Thank you! We will be expanding shipping zones using the Amazon wishlist method. Next stop is the UK, Expect it soon!

Still a long way from Croatia, but maybe some day... :)

Greetings @paywithsteem!
It is a great service that you are offering! It would be great if they would make this known within the Hispanic community! Do you currently have anyone who makes your articles in Spanish?
I would be very willing to help you if you wish!

I'll check it out!

Well done, that is too cool. I'm gonna have to try it out when I get some more steem :)

Excited for Amazon AU in the next year and half or so, who knows...

good news for steemit community thanks.

It costs 15-20% MORE to shop on Amazon this way? I must be missing something...

Correct. This is to cover the fee of converting Steem/SBD to BTC. Then BTC to fiat. Currently around $10 with current prices.

@paywithsteem What is it that you are trying to achieve with this feature?

To compete with giant like amazon you gonna have to pull merchants from their site and bring them onto yours.
Your strategy should be based on that ; how do I get amazon merchants to sell on my site?
The answer to this question is innovation. Amazon charges outreageous fees and their site is far from perfect. So there are improvement there.
And you should also consider the real competition which is sites like openbazaar which charges no fee at all. People can already pay with steem on openbazaar, the site is still not very popular because it lacks a browser version but the future is going to be free and decentralized trades, keep this in mind :)

moving forward! great plan!

i was thinking of a similar service but i think you took the initiative lol @paywithsteem this is great

Great! This could be big!

There any timeline on expanding into other countries? Sounds very promising, but these things usually take years until they are available outside the US ...

The Amazon wish list service will be available to UK customers in about a week.

Excellent, good performance, I'm going to invest in Steemit, you have a great future. Russia with you, I wish you good luck

This is really cool. Kudos to coming up with this idea and implementing it!

Really? I need to read this twice .....

What do you mean read this twice?

I did not fully understand at first so I meant I will read it again. Surprising initiative and I was not sure if true.

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This is a great initiative. I'll surely be a part of this.

Wow awesome...thanks for the sharing

I've never bought on Amazon, but it'd be nice to have another option.

Looks like a very valuable service to me.

Hope to see this working in my country and all over the world shortly.

Best of luck to your venture.

Good addition. Thanks for posting

Great news and a great day for Steem!

Great post i learn a lot

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Are u on steemit chat or discord? If yes, msg me.... em3

I have an idea

You can join the PWS Discord -

Well done! Fantastic idea executed well!

Fantastic! This is simply wonderful for steem!

I really like the direction steem and steemit are heading! Great work!

This is great!!

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

please follow me

This is so epic!!! I hope in the near future you guys will add more countries and languages to help expand PayWithSteem, and of course more items in the store. Will make sure I do a blog post on here about my first purchase thru the PayWithSteem service, so make sure to follow me.

This is an amazing option guys!... Even 20% fee is a bit high, i guess it can be reduced in the future if enough people use the service...
Is there a chance you could build a system similar to but using steem or SBD?, that would be the ultimate feature!!

This is such wonderful news!!! When is Amazon going to accept BTC?

Well if it's true then certainly it's a good news. People would have a purpose to get into this steemit community. They should take some effective initiative to increase the value of steem.

This seems like a cool idea, but it seems like a bit of a hassle for mainstream adoption. Is there any plan for automating the process and reducing the convenience fee?

Great idea resteem to spread the good word!

Being able to spend steem is going to be what brings us from a fringe crypto no one has heard of to the mainstream. My friend gives me cash to buy stuff for him online because no one will give him a credit card. Being able to buy with steem would definitely appeal to him. Actually appeals to me too forces me to only spend money I have rather than rack up more visa debt

It was bound to happen at some point.

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