How to transfer funds from Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, OKPay and Perfect Money to your Paypal account

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Guide on how to transfer your online funds from several services to your Paypal account.


When you use payment providers like Skrill and Paypal, you might have been into a situation before where you needed your money on a different account. For most services it is not possible to transfer your money directly from one to the other.

In this guide i will show you a working solution for this problem. In short, you will use your one payment provider to buy cryptocurrency and sell it using another one.

For example, you buy cryptocurrency using Skrill and sell these assets right away using Paypal. You will always keep in control of your money and you will not need to put your trust in some sketchy website.

Lets get started then!

Step one

Register account at Spectrocoin

So to get started you will need to register an account on Spectrocoin. This is the place where you will buy cryptocoins using the payment provider that you want to swap the money from to Paypal.

(If you want to transfer your Skrill or Neteller to Paypal, you can also use this service and guide)

Step two

Buy Cryptcoins

So when you have everything setup, and your account is verified, you can start making a deposit to buy cryptocoins with it. The supported deposit methods are: Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money and OK Pay.

You should use your funds to buy either (BTC) Bitcoin or (ETH) Ethereum. The cryptocoins you bought will appear in the appropriate wallet now.

Step 3

Register account at Anycoin Direct

You will now need a account at Anycoin Direct, so you can use this service to sell your cryptocoins and get paid by Paypal.

Just click on "Sell" and select the type of cryptocoin you have and the amount you want to sell.

Step 4

Now you just go back to your Spectrocoin account and send the requested amount to the wallet adress provided by Anycoin Direct.

Just wait until your transaction is verified by the network and thats it!

You now have transfered your Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money or OKPay to your Paypal account!

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