Where to go from here?

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This post has declined payout

The new function roll out made me recap on my time past here at SteemIt. And also leading to the question where do I want to go from here? The declined payout function comes in handy for these kind of posts. Also it has an interesting side effect. Because every vote is treated equivalent. Although I wonder, just like @felixxx, what voting for a post with 'Decline Payout' set does to ones voting power. Technicly speaking it should stay the same, but I've been surprised before by SteemIt, so I'm not jumping to conclussions right away.

From what I saw at my first 'Decline Payout' post it still shows 'Potential Payout' in the dropdown menu. That could mean accounts get credited on their voting power, but where is the 'Decline Payout' going then? Also, in my opinion it would be weird if voting had an effect at all. A vote is 'just' a vote on a declined payout post. It can not have any value attached, not for the posting account, nor for the curating accounts. I would be stunned if curators would get the full possible payout. But I allready noticed that a 'Decline Payout' post still can create replies that still can get 'Potential Payout'. And that is not why I would like to use it.

Contradictions, or so it seems

It is a bit contradictive that when I post using 'Decline Payout' that those who vote can dig into a pot of potential payout that actually should not be there. At least that is how my logic works. And I wonder now, if curators still could get a potential payout, would that be 20% of 0? Or would it be 100% because I Decline Payout? It might be something in between, still, I'm keeping a close watch on this new feature. Also another question does come to mind. What if the posting account set it to 'Decline Payout', but does vote for it's own post? Then it is curating itself and if other curators get a share of the potential payout, then so should the upvoting account that posted it.

SteemIt is still beta

It is all part of an ongoing developement. And I will test the 'Decline Payout' to see what it does. The first one I made this way today I will upvote myself, to see what happens to the potential payout. Which, in my opinion, should not even be there. And it should not put a drain on ones voting power at all. But, if the curators still get some, or all, of the apparant potential payout, it would also cost voting power. The replies seem to get their potential payout, something I also find a bit strange. But that could be because I got a different idea when I read [Rewards: 'Decline Payout'].

It probably means that the autoring account gets 0, and the rest will split the potential payout. While I thought that the complete post, with replies would leave the Rewards to the community. And the interesting part would be to see how many votes it got. Could see a voting without Steem Power system there. One account, one vote. But I think I might have thought wrong there.

Well, I'll keep an eye on how this one developes, and in the mean time, this one is for 'koef mees'. (EN: No Money)

Have a nice one!

photo cc-by-sa @oaldamster

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Interesting topic, I was off steemit for a couple of days and just noticed the new option. I do agree with you, though, it is odd that the potential payment is still there.


SteemIt is still in Beta. So feedback could lead to fine tuning. Some new functions only can be really seen in full effect after they are used in a live site situation.

But my understanding of a payout decline would be that it pulls no Steem out of the reward pot at all.

I don't know. Of all things I'd like Steem/Steemit to improve this feature was not on my list... at all. It's also incomplete as a feature, at least remove the $0,00 eyesore on such posts.


Well, I do see some usage for it. But only if it really gets no payout at all. And that would also mean losing the $ 0.00 out off sight.

Lovely photograph @oaldmster. As for the feature....like you say...we are in beta. Thank you for posting and bringing these ponderances to the forefront.


Thank you @bleujay. I took this photo At Dollard bay and Ems river crossing, in northern Nederland.

You're welcome, hope we can all share our ideas on how to make SteemIt even better.


Thank you for your reply and the additional information. BTW...Your article regarding esteem came in handy...loaded the app when bleujay was having trouble with the login screen. Thank you.


You are welcome.
And I think there will be an eSteem update to enjoy soon.

Excellent post. Thanks for alerting me to this.


Thank you!
And you are welcome.