Pay It Forward: Week 8 Entry

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This is my first entry to @thedarkhorse's Pay It Forward curation contest. I was honored to be featured a few weeks back by @ecid, so now it is my turn! Find out how to participate here.


Entry 1: @nickhans

Nick Hans is a farmer from New Mexico, who recognizes that building a Steemit account is much like establishing a farm. He plays guitar and writes about cultivating 1000-year-old seed varieties.

I was introduced to Nick's work through the @greetersguild. He seems like a promising new Steemian, so hopefully I snagged the chance to feature him before anyone else did.

Entry 2: @isabeldorastorey

Isabel Storey is a published author from Australia. She writes about writing, life, health, and higher level topics such as levels of perfection, and how you decide when (or if) you should quit. I encountered her through the comment thread of another post, talking about the challenges of learning to use Steemit and calling herself "too old" to learn Discord.

I followed to her blog and discovered (1) she is considerably older than me, and I too get overwhelmed by Discord so my respect goes up immediately, and (2) I quickly become curious about this intelligent, articulate, and spunky lady, and I want her to succeed on Steemit. I am reminded of my aunt, who I now might have to invite to the platform. Here's her most recent:

Bonus Entry: @themarkymark

So I joined nearly 9 months ago, then went inactive for a while. I had to scroll way back to see who I interacted with early on, and the first gesture of genuine support I found was this:

** Edit * I neglected to include a recent article if you'd like to pay forward some votes or comment love, here's one that may also save your life! **

I didn't win the delegation, but participating in the contest got me to refocus on some challenging work in a way that was fun and rewarding. I also found helpful info on his blog that helped me understand Steem and Steemit, learned what a witness was, and began to use my vote. I may have gone inactive on Steem later, but in the interim I managed to revive the business I was mapping out in that G-S-D contest of his.

I'm grateful for this and the work he does to make Steemit an awesome place to be.
There are many runners-up for the title of who helped or encouraged me early in my Steemit experience, so I hope to do this theme again.


Thanks so much for sharing these authors with us. Nice work. I really appreciate you supporting the #payitforward contest and hope that we will see a lot of you. I visited, commented and upvoted your suggested authors. Wish you all the best.

Thank you, it's a great initiative. I turned into a bona fide minnow with this post!

Oops, false alarm on me becoming a minnow.

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Thank you for introducing me to an audience within an area of Steemit I have yet to explore. Apart from 'thanks' I am lost for words which would come across as unbelievable to those who think they know me well. 🎢

You're welcome! I was introduced in this manner too, and it was an awesome experience. It's a great initiative and community to be part of!

Love your 2 featured bloggers. Both have been upvoted.

I would suggest maybe linking to a more current post for @themarkymark.

Oops, good point! Will edit the post.

Thanks so much for featuring me! I appreciate it. :)

Thanks for making great content to feature!

Nice to meet you over here. Gone to all the bloggers posts and commented...Good selection though the bonus one was little old..

have a nice sunday...Stay blessed..