Poll:52 Do you Pay it Forward?

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Pay it Forward we are talking about is the event where someone anonymous does a good deed or just helping others. Many believe that this is definitely an endearing gift when ever we can help others that have been less fortunate than ourselves or we just want to help out for the greater good of all?

Share your opinion everyone has their own opinion and we believe your opinion is important to be heard so just leave a comment.

social media makes us a better wiser platform to be enjoyed by the world. Your voice is instrumental and your Opinion has a value now and later on so please leave an appropriate comment most times even a yes or no is helpful thank you.

  • please refer your comments to the question being polled thanks again for your opinion.

Poll:52 Do you Pay it Forward?

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I can't say I didn't, but I better not talking about it 😐 it will make me feel like a loser for taking back my words 😊

#Poll:52 Do you Pay it Forward?

i think i do ... when possible, after making sure i can eat lol ..

Yes your post topic very good.