My Entry For Pay it Forward Contest 8

in #payitforward3 years ago


This is a big opportunity for the new steemit user . I am in this contest with my 2 new blogger .

My first blogger :

why I am choosing him :
This is the guy I like most .. bc he posting poem .. I love most ..
His recent post :
This is a post of poem hope you like this .. and he deserve more then this ..

My 2nd blogger:

why I am choosing him :
The person with big heart … I like him .. he is always happy with his work even he earn a little .. and that’s way I like him.
His recent post :
In here he just describe his daylily activity . he right a beeautifl blog bt he earn nothing // bt he deserve more then ..

And in the end the person who help me to make steemit account and i heard about steemit by him he is @sumonpra . Hope he will be shine in life ..


Thanks to @thedarkhorse and @steembasicincome for this opportunity .
and also thanks to @steem-bounty
I will try my best .. As a unexperienced steemian Plz ignore my all mistakes
I wish you all happy life.