Entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 40

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For a person I am, providing greater exposure to high quality content is something I wake up to on Monday. Most of you have may already heard that I am one of the hosts of the Barbarella live show on the Ramble Radio that was launched to curate, introduce and promote talented authors. Under such circumstances in my blockchain background, I am naturally impressed with the Pay It Forward Curation Contest,created by @thedarkhorse and hosted by @pifc and seeking to pin and support genuine high quality work on the platform. Please, consider reviewing and entering Week 40 and get to know and upvote the amazing people who are sponsoring it: @thehoneys, @bengy, @andrewharland, @el-nailul, @stever82 and @thedarkhorse.

Pay It Forward Curation Contest

It is my upmost pleasure to introduce to the renowned judges of the contest 2 of the authors, whose improvements I am following and who, I believe, deserve the relevant recognition.

@darrenfj (48)

Dr. Death

Taking a post-holidays slow down @darrenfj is dwelling into his daily routine, sharing thoughts on the small things, the moments between the serious and important stuff.. the breaks, the quiet, the apartment, the dogs. A genuine sense of humor that goes beyond just one post will make your day brighten with the wits this talented steemian is casting all the way as the words are smoothly flowing into your settee. Typical Saturday - Podcasts and Coffee by @darrenfj will make you come back to his place for more.

@juliamulcahy (54)

Not Our Julia

Have you read Julia's stories about Matilda? They are a real mind catcher. Intelligent writing, unexpected turnouts and a zest of suspense will get you sitting with the read for hours and hours in a haze. If you are a book lover, get closer to Julia, she is already in the Barbarella's Author of the Week Gallery. Here is a small keyhole to Matilda's world:

She felt a little blood on her lips and knew she'd been biting them again. Now that was a really bad sign. She hadn't noticed quite how lost in her thoughts she'd become.
More of @juliamulcahy's unique writing style revealed in The Little Voice - Writes a Story in the Fog

In the hope you'll find both post featured by me worth reading and supporting, I'm sending wishes of Best Luck to all participants. Think big about the small!


On an also important note...
Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:

@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @yehey
@curie / @markangeltrueman - @good-karma
@therealwolf - @thekitchenfairy
@jatinhota, @guiltyparties, @noblewitness and


Thank you very much!

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Thank you, Blue aka @bluefinstudios. More Blue in the comments section is always appreciated :-)

Supported your features!

Very kind of yours, @tryskele ;-)
They both deserve to take all flags in the contest!

Nice choices, @ravijojla! You had such lousy rewards on this post that I just gave you a 100% upvote. Keep on steeming!

Oh, how kind of yours!

I'm so used to all newbies quickckly going beyond my results that it would be a shock the moment I see a good payout. Payout - a negligible trifle obstacle that pretends to be a sharp pebble in one's most comfortable starkers. ;-)

supported both of your featured bloggers @ravijojla, really nice to see you pay it forward right away ;)

Thank you, dear :-)

Both of the featured writers i know... they are really wonderful... nice choice...

I know! They are gorgeous <3

Thank you, @ravijojla. What an unexpected and beautiful surprise. I will pop over to Darren’s post, which I haven’t read yet.

My pleasure, dear! Good luck!


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 40 is confirmed.

Thank you. Good luck in 2019!

Dear @ravijojla

I hope you don't mind receiving this comment as it may be a little off our usual topic.

I'm not sure if you've noticed your SP lately, but it has recently increased. I managed to receive support and encouragement from a few people who seem to appreciate my work here on Steemit and whoare also interested in seeing our little community grow.

Those 3 guys delegated together almost 4000 SP to a group of around 80 people I support and that includes you! :)

a) majes.tytyty
b) devann
c) boxcarblue

You can check your own delegations using this link:
http://www.steemreports.com/delegation-info/?account=xxxx (xxxx = name of your account)

It obviously took me some time and effort to organize and get them on board. Plus they are using their own resources so ... I can only hope that you will invest some of your own time and effort to show them your support, appreciation/ say thank you etc. And if you enjoy their content then please also try to drop some valuable comment.

After all we need people like them if we want this community to grow stronger. So I hope I can count on you.

In the meantime I'm having a talk with 2 other people and one witness, who may also join my efforts and make some extra delegation :) Fingers crossed :)


Dear @ravijojla

I just visited your account to see if you posted anything new lately and I see that you're taking a break?

Hope you're not done with Steemit and you will be back with some interesting publications soon :)


Congratulations @ravijojla! You received a personal award!

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