My Entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest" by @thedarkhorse - week 2

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With this post, I would like to support a - in my opinion - great initiative started by @thedarkhorse.
It is the second week this contest is held and I'm happy to participate again.

Here we go again:

Click here to read about the contest

A very short version of the rules:

Pick 3 Steemians with a reputation of the same or smaller rank than yours and write a kind of review about them.

This time I picked two steemians I follow and one brand new arrival.


@woodzi is not that much active writing posts on steemit but very active on Discord for the #alldutch community where Dutch speaking people - mainly NL and BE - meet and discuss.
His last post is a funny one. He made shot with his camera only a moment before he and his camera were hit by the ball he was taking a picture of. But look for yourself: A walking ball.

In his introduction post @woodzi wrote:

I plan to mainly write about photography but I may also write a few posts about grilling, theatre or music.

@woodzi joined steemit one day after I did (coincident) and perhaps this Belgium law student can be motivated to post more about his life 😎.
Luckily no camera or person was hurt by A walking ball.


@danlloyd calls himself an amateur photographer and mainly joins contests about photography.
His last post is about great shots taken on a boat in Thailand: Wakeboarding Thailand.
I also checked some older posts and IMHO he makes wonderful photos for an amateur photographer.
In his introduction post three months ago he stated:

My passions are travelling the world, discovering new places and experiencing new things.

Perhaps we can motivate @danlloyd to show us more of his great photos by giving him some support with his last post Wakeboarding Thailand.


@zameena-zen joined steemit only two days ago and reading here introduction post gave me the feeling that we can expect very interesting posts from her.

She wrote:

I want my little spot here on Steemit to be a place of poetry, music, violin, and exploration. I will be sharing my original poetry and music....revealing the most vulnerable and open parts of myself. I look forward to connecting with other Steemians, strengthening the creative community that is already alive and thriving. And most of all I want to challenge myself as an artist to take risks and share them with you guys....see what kind of potency you Steemians can inspire in me!

Please give @zameena-zen a warm welcome by visiting her blog and read here complete introduction post First Steemit Post! A Meditation on Poetry and Music <3

This time I will not tag anybody but ask the steemians above to join the challenge 😇.

Steem on!

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Thanks for continuing to participate and contribute to the #payitforward contest! You made some great suggestions. I'm heading over to read and support your featured authors. All the best to you.


Thanks for staying on top of these entries @energyaddict22, appreciate the help in supporting those who were featured!


My absolute pleasure.


Thanks for your support @energyaddict22!


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Great entry into the contest! Have given all those featured a nice upvote to help them out. Thanks for joining in the fun and your continued support!


Thank you @thedarkhorse and @energyaddict22 for supporting all these steemians!


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Thank you so much for including me in your contest entry! Looking forward to posting art and music regularly :-)


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Thank you! So appreciative for your curation post. Love and Health

Thanks for the feature and your kind words! 😀
I will try to post a bit more frequently on Steemit 😉


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Thank you for using steem-bounty

nice sharing this and i hope someone would mention me oneday


Hi @christianolu,
it's a weekly contest and perhaps I'll join this week again and have a look at your profile.
But why don't you join the contest yourself and help three beginning steemians to get more attention?
By making a post about them you get even more attention then being mentioned by someone ;)
Everybody if free to join the contest.