Day 17 - Continued Growth! Thank You!!

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As I write day 17's post we have just gotten paid on Day 10's post. So all of this growth is really from 10 days of effort and support from all of you. To sustain the level of SP leasing this account will need it will require a lot more rewards then where we currently are sitting.

To achieve the ongoing costs it would be VERY helpful for anyone looking to add some SBI Shares to buy them for @minnowbuilder. This will add to the daily upvote and help make this vision a reality. Currently showing 54 shares and know there are more that have been purchased. SBI tends to run a few days behind while they are still having to manually update all of their systems. Soon they will be automated and things will happen much faster.

In case people don't realize the power of SBI shares and how that automated vote can really make a difference picture this. @minnowbuilder will likely need around 18 steem a week to support 10-12 people. This is a massive ask in terms of upvotes from the community, but if we can get the SBI upvote to even cover 4-6 steem a week it makes a massive difference as it's automatic. These upvotes don't run short on voting power and if steem prices rise the value of these votes will also which will help offset the increased costs to lease SP when prices are higher.

We have a long way to go before reaching this level, but it's a very achievable goal with the help of the community.

Also don't forget that each @steembasicincome share you purchase is also an investment in yourself. It will give you ongoing daily upvotes on your posts also. Having 1 or 2 shares isn't enough to feel the difference on your posts, but get yourself up to 20-30 shares and you will notice the vote, get up to 50-100 and it really makes a difference. Give 1-2 shares a week to others and watch your post rewards grow over time.

OK the account update

6.210 Steem
9.168 Steem Power

The Steem is what we are really after short term. The SP will long term allow this to be self sufficient without the need for leasing, but this is WAY down the road. So the goal needs to be to get up to at least 50 Steem to lease 1200 SP. This is actually only 25% of what I would consider ideal, but it's enough to make a difference on the posts of those who are part of the program.

Thank you all!

Once again thank you all for helping boost @minnowbuilder during this account building phase. It's great to see the support continue over to this account and really looking forward to turning this account live.

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Let's hope people chip in... At the moment, I need to get at least 7 STEEM a week to recoup my Steem Delegation investment. But if my earnings this week reach 8 STEEM, I'll reserve a SBI for you.


Thank you very much!


Ok, I have it reserved... but now I'm waiting for the announcement of the new program. I'll probably send it to that one, instead. :-D