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RE: Pay It Forward Curation Contest. My nominees are....[win SBI and Steem-Bounty, whatever they are!]

in #payitforward5 years ago

Great choices!! I have entered now 2 contributions to the contest. I love anything that helps people who create good work to get discovered and encouraged.
As for daily posting. You could do the freewrite and use a photo of your pots or paintings for a post picture if you want. The freewrite gets the creative juices flowing.
Also, we are doing a contest right now - check it out.

What is a good time for you for a meetup? I want to schedule something with Eric to do crypto coaching.

Are you signed up for mana? It is not much, but every little bit helps. Free basic income. Here is my referral link. Join Mana - Universal Income Project:


I plan on doing this #payitforward post regularly. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find people with reps under 50, though!

My schedule is pretty flexible and open, it all depends on what events I'm doing and where they're at. Currently one is in Escondido this Friday and then the next isnt Until June in LA.

Never heard of Mana or the free basic income, even though I referenced it in the title of the post, lol. I've got some researching and learning to do before the next meet up!

Yes, sign up - both of you. It is free money coming your way :)

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