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RE: Pay It Forward Curation Contest. My nominees are....[win SBI and Steem-Bounty, whatever they are!]

in #payitforward5 years ago (edited)

I appreciate your take on finding quality steemians here; I too made the mistake of automatically following those who followed me and now truthfully, I don't even look at my feed. Ahh finding the time to purge! :) And congratulations on your curie!

Thank you for entering the Pay it Forward Contest. As one of the judges, I'm glad that you've done the legwork to find these three. I've enjoyed reading your post and am now making my way to theirs to spread a little more upvoting and commenting love ;)

Edit: I just went to all three of your showcased bloggers and have to tell you, good job :) What a fine selection! Thank you for taking the time to do that.


HI Lynn! Thank YOU for being a part of the contest, and taking time to help people like myself get a little kick start to our blogs. I'm glad you liked my picks. Hoping they'll keep the #payitforward going, too!

Aww thank you again, that's very kind of you to say!

I hope they keep the #payitforward going too :)

I'll be contributing regularly, as long as I can keep finding good people to nominate!

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