Week 70- Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry

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Greetings above all to the family of this great project #PayItForward of @pifc

I sincerely thank you for this project that selflessly promotes the community to the healing activity, all this is beneficial for the platform so it is important to do it with responsibility and ethics. Finding high quality publications is the mission.

Enter this Link if you are interested in being part of this great team: PAYITFORWARD

After an exhaustive search for quality publications, I decided to promote these two great works..


Author: @andeluz
Reputation : 43
Votes received so far: 29
Reward received: $0.05

A very interesting publication that shows a diversity of @andeluz talent, excellent photographs and redesign work make this publication a reason to be supported.

Title: Llévame a la Luz (Relato de Terror). LINK


Author: @rositam82
Reputation : 60
Votes received so far: 03
Reward received: $0.00

I like horror stories and even more when they are well posed, excellent publication of the friend @rositam82 worth reading.

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the latest update <<< please click to read.

I hope you enjoyed it, I invite you to promote good literature. As you practice and write more, it will become easier for you to do so.

If you have a recommendation, please leave it through a comment.

This has been all for the moments.

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