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RE: CLOSED: Starting 2019 with a Bonus! Week 39 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest


Entry #1

YES I did it 💪💪🙏🏻👀

Yes, you are. I have already voted for your choices but I will come back later to read them more carefully and leave a comment.

Thats so great thanx

Nice and early you dont mess around in 2019 do you? first submission of the year how epic, im kinda jealous

Whoop Whoop i wanted to start the year off great hope i will see more entries though!

Oh you are a woman on a mission indeed I’m sure with that attitude you going to have an amazing 2019

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yes a chick on a mission almost 1 year here hihih i am excited!

I visited and upvoted both of your entries into this week’s contest @brittandjosie. I left you a more detailed reply on your post. Good job!

Thank you!

Did you see there are 22 entries

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