I am thinking about rewarding firs timer an extra bonus for being the 3rd in a row - like to @permieemmy for completing the 3rd in:
@bananamemos > @victorsilab (week 2) > @backpackingchef (week 6 Entry #14) > @permieemmy (week 8 Entry #13) > submitted entry 5 week 9.

Seems random. Someone gets lucky because 3 other people joined the contest before them.

People like simple rewards that they can understand and don't take a month to finally achieve.

@bjgeese thanks for helping try and get that guys rep back last night.

no prob. didn't work but don't understand that completely.

close it down or simple works for me. I don't want to close it without hearing from you.

not sure about that, but either way I will give you votes to help support it.