My Entry Post for the Pay-it-Forward Curation Contest - Week 50 (@aggamun)

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image source; @pifc

The Pay it Forward Curation Contest is a weekly contest organized by @pifc and @thedarkhorse. This contest is finding new under-valued steemians who have the reputation level 55 or below to promote their valuable post.

If you have some interest, here is the contest link.


Today I picks 'art' tag to do featuring. Following bloggers are my selections for this week. Please visit them and show your love to encourage them.

Selection 1. @indianapatt ( reputation - 54 )


Oil portrait for Eleanor

She is really kind to pets. In her post she describes how she drew a portrait of her kitty and about her lovely kitty. She also asked us how to support the kittens and puppies selling in the market. She said they are not an object. You can share your views.

Her payout is $ 0.41 when I featured hers. Please give a heart to help her.

Selection 2. @crohnschick ( reputation - 47 )


Creativity is the way we share our souls with the world

She is a new steemian. But her creation is awesome. I think this contest is finding the steemians like her. Her picture is so good and her another posts are also great. She will be great steemian one day.

The post payout is $ 0.16 and please support her good comments.

Both of them have a good skill at writing. I think they will be a big whale on steemit in one day. So We have to support them as we can for their best effort.

Note : All images are theirs whose I featured.

MSU no. - 022

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I've supported your features. Thank you for your entry!


Thz u ma'am! :)

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Aww thank you so much!! :) im rrally enjoying steem so far and thank you for mentioning me in your post :)

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You're welcome! And your post is really great.

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Great features, I have support both of them!


Thank you! Have a great day

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Thank you so much for the entry @aggamun! I enjoyed and supported them both; way to go to feature artists too :)


Thank you for your support ! ma'am

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You're very welcome :)

Thanks for your entry, @aggamun!