My Entry Post for the Pay-it-Forward Curation Contest - Week 34 (@aggamun)

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image source; @pifc

The Pay it Forward Curation Contest is a weekly contest organized by @pifc and @thedarkhorse. This contest is finding new under-valued steemians who have the reputation level 55 or below to promote their valuable post.

If you have some interest, here is the contest link.


Today I picks random tag to feature. Following bloggers are my selections for this week. Please visit them and show your love to encourage them.

Selection 1. @route-m-d ( reputation - 50 )


How Pablo Escobar’s city looks now

This couple make a trip to Columbia. They describe their experience including with nice photos in their fabulous post. I feel fresh reading their post and looking their photos. They seem to be happy because of their amazing trip. This post is the one of the best post for those who like travelling around the world.

Their payout is $ 0.14 when I featured theirs. Please give a heart to help them.

Selection 2. @benanis ( reputation - 45 )


An easy recipe of an Algerian food !!

This Algerian introduces how to make their traditional dessert, Tamina, in his post. Although I have already known what he writes after reading the title, he starts the paragraph with interesting words. I think he is good at writing. He is rarely active in steemit. But he created the interesting posts. I think he is one of the under-valued steemians.

The post payout is $ 0. 23 and please support her good things.

I think they will be a big whale on steemit in one day. So We have to support them as we can for their best effort.

Note : All images are theirs whose I featured.

MSU no. - 022


Very nice picks again this week :)

thz again!

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Great entry! I've supported both of your bloggers.

It's great. Thanks madam!

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Thanks for your entry. I've already visited the first post yesterday, so I just had to visit the second one now. :-)

Oh! You are so quick. Thz u very much !!

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I have visited and supported both of your entries @aggamun. I enjoyed them both!

Thank you for your steady efforts to bring new Steemians to the attention of our PIFC community. 👍 You are doing a good job!

Thanks @roleerob!

Now I am happy featuring the posts of new steemians because of your community. I thank you and your community all. I am trying my best. Have a nice day!

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Well @aggamun ...

" ... because of your community. I thank you and your community all."

… the @pifc community is not mine. So, just dropping in quickly to help you a little with your English, as the Pay-It-Forward Community was founded by @thedarkhorse and many of those who participate have been here far longer than I.

So, it is not my community, but I do refer to it often as our community, since it is a "team effort." And with your recent steady contributions, you now are part of it! 😊 👍

Oh! I also mean "a whole team". But I admitted my English is weak. Now I see. Thanks a lot!

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Sure, @aggamun, happy to help and not to worry. I think you are doing well. Like anything we undertake, we all get better, the more we work at it.

Keep up the great work! 👍😊

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That first one might get picked up by's really good.

Thanks for your entry, both bloggers have been upvoted.

Thz @pifc
I am very pleased for that. Good Luck!!

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reat entries and offcourse i upvoted you and both off them

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I just realize that we had same blogger that we featured, the Escobar post. LOL, but you submitted it earlier @anggamun

Oh! Sorry for you.

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