payes cake recipe

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Interesting dessert in country and western mixes.

Paris recipients of Paris recipes gave recipes Farhana Iftekhar

Ingredients: 1 cup of onion rice. Sugar 3,4 cups 1 liter of liquid milk. Powder milk half cup. Salt one pinch Ghee 1 table-spoon.

Method: Gently stir and cook rice and milk. If rice is boiled, keep stirring constantly with little salt and sugar. When the legs are quite dense, ghee will be drained.

If it is a little cool, keep serving serving dish equal.

The ignition of the fire will be very low in the cooking.

Then cut one pack of eleven oats and keep it in water for half an hour. After this, the dense chicken, sugar, two drops of water and food must be dense by the amount of dense agar, August.

After pouring the milk on the legs, it will be a little harder. Keep frozen for deposits now.

Then decorate the cake and make a cake cake.


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