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PAYERA from its structure is pretty similar to the most successful e‐commerce
enterprise in the Asian region, but much easier to handle. Combined with
SHOP‐ & CARDERA we offer a multifunctional solution which does not exist on
the crypto market yet.
We will build upon on the best attributes cryptocurrencies have to offer ‐very
fast transactions and low fees‐ to enable sellers to market to the worldwide
growing audience of crypto users.

We emphasize great importance to security and a user-friendly operation.

Fast Transactions
Transactions will be conducted within few seconds

Seller and Buyer Protection
We guarantee consumer protection for all users

No Exchange Fees
You can change or sell cryptocurrencies as often as you want, we don't charge exchange fees

No fees for Buyers
Buyers are completely exempt from fees

Low fees for seller
Seller pay a very low fee which can even become less through positive recommendations

Multifunctional Concept
A provider where you can manage all your online transactions

Transactions free of charge
You can send internal coins to friends and acquaintances

We implement the latest blockchain technology, employing top level encryption across all of our services

This project, with all its features and yet impressive in its simplicity, will be an
incredible and unique product for the crypto world that can be funded
through venture capital investments. #Payera


Thank you for this Article about us. It would be nice when you link our Steemit Profil thank you.

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