Spend Steem using your Paycent crypto-fiat Credit Card// Promoting Steem on Twitter

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The bad news is we're still in the bear market but the good news is that Steem is now live on Paycent and can be spent using your Paycent credit card that can be used in literally anywhere in the world. This news was announced on this tweet by their official Twitter account and then further discussed on Medium

About Paycent

Paycent is an entity operated by Texcent Asia, a company based in Singapore and offers three types of credit cards depending on your requirement, the volume of transactions and a bunch of other factors you can find here

You can also download their mobile Apps;

Promoting Steem on Twitter

Promoting Steem is a collective effort and people like @stephenkendal @theycallmedan @ocd @clixmoney and a host of others are constantly spreading the word about the platform. If you're on Twitter, please come join the party. All you have to do is include or follow either of #steem, #posh #steemit, and #steempeak tags to meet other Steemians there and keep the conversation flowing.

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Come join the conversation

If people have good followers this is a great idea. I have like 14 and more than half haven't used it in two years.

It doesn't really matter though. Just participating in the conversation and engaging steem related content on twitter like @penderis and a lot of others do will eventually lead to you having more followers.