PavoCoin - the system of optimization of production of crops.

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In today’s article we will consider a new interesting cryptocurrency, which is aimed at covering the agricultural sector.How can the project help farmers and influence their productivity increase? And how can products be used in other industries, including hazardous ones controlled by the state? Take a look at the article and find the answers.


The agricultural sector worldwide occupies a significant market share and is of great importance to people. The food security of the country depends on how and in what quantity agricultural products are produced.In addition, agricultural products are grown not only for food, but also for various industrial areas and the medical sphere. For the latter, strict requirements and controls are applied to regulate cultivation and supply.But farmers and agricultural companies face a lot of problems on their way, such as control of the cultivation process, time constraints, lack of automation, complexity of implementation, cost limitation, state supervision and many others.The new PavoCoin project will try to solve all these problems by offering a decentralized system that allows you to manage labor and energy costs, supplies and sales, comply with regulatory requirements for products and provide the necessary technical applications.


PavoCoin (Pavo) is a platform designed for the agricultural industry that uses the technology of IoT, the Blockchain is able to prepare, update and adjust production and distribution processes.The project offers the following privileges to its users:1. Process automation;
2. Using mobile, desktop and tablet interfaces;3. Increasing yields without violating the laws of the country;
4. Secure transactions for purchase and sale;5. Using smart contacts to verify transactions;
6. Assistance with the optimization of production at the required stage or the construction of the entire work chain;7. Real-time management and remote maintenance;
8. Process control of cultivation of any part of the world;9. Attracting customers-consumers of products;
10. Coverage and management of cannabis cultivation, taking into account all regulatory requirements.The sphere of cultivation and use of cannabis developers paid attention in the first place.


Cannabis is a variety of cannabis plants from which narcotic substances are extracted. The production and cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes is strictly regulated by any state.Pavo platform offers safe and reliable implementation of activities related to all business cycles of cultivation and sale of controlled plants.In terms of sales, legal cannabis is not easy to obtain for many wholesalers, specialized pharmacies and firms. This is due to the fact that previously there was no single platform for transactions on such complex medical and agricultural products, as well as the fact that many banks and legal organizations had many restrictions on transactions.PavoCoin has changed this view by creating a system with secure transactions using smart contacts and a new technology for transactions.At each stage, from the moment of planting to legal sales, the entire work is monitored, which ensures the transparency of the process for all parties.How does the system work? Take a look.


Hybrid solution of the system PavoCoin allows users to make high-precision operation in real-time with the use of sophisticated Analytics platform.Users of the system see the following information on the dashboard:- growth stages;
- about resource usage;- actions of employees;
- on the course of the harvest;- about sales tracking;
- news feed;- heat map construction;
- system Analytics and recommendations.The analyst gathers for 15–18 weeks and then makes recommendations on how to use people and resources more efficiently. 
Also, constant monitoring of processes allows the system to build not only a heat map, but also to automate the entire workflow.In the future, it will effectively affect all data and details, as well as sales. So, for example, employees will be able to take advantage of the best expert results derived from records on the conditions of planting and harvesting.You can start working on the platform after purchasing PAVO tokens.


The total amount of currency that the company released to the market was 200 000 000 PAVO. To acquire foreign currency in the course of sales, which released 50% of the issued amount. At the same time, the company plans to save up to 65 million US dollars.The company broke sales into two phases:1. Pre-Sale PhaseThe phase started on April 12, 2018 and will end on June 11, 2018. Pre-Sale is divided into two parts by bonuses:
 1 PAVO=1USD at a 33% discount for purchases of 5 000 USD and 45% if you buy 10 000 USD, and 27.04.2018 33% discount when you purchase 5 000 USD;
 1 PAVO=1USD with a discount of 25% to 12.06.2018 and 17.06.2018 18% discount%;2. Main Sale PhaseThe main phase will last from June 12 to July 14, 2018. The following bonuses are provided:Փ 1 PAVO=1USD with 11% discount until 30.06.2018;
 1 PAVO=1USD discount 5% to 07.07.2018;
 1 PAVO=1USD no discounts.The distribution of all tokens will take place from 22 to 28 July 2018, unsold coins will be burned. In the future, the company will follow its track map and develop technology.


Pavo team aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry, starting with the production and sale of cannabis.To date, the company has a working product in the form of a platform for testing on farms in the San Francisco area. This distinguishes this project from many others in that the platform works.At the end of sales, the developers aim to increase the turnover of the company, increasing farms from 500 to 1000 for a period of one and a half years. Then, intersectoral links will be gradually established, self-support sensors will be introduced, the user network will be expanded and other agricultural products will be affected.Details on the development of the platform and the road map, technical details of the work are presented in the links of the project.



Wow! I understand that when the project is implemented in almost every store you can pay for them with a token.

I also often send useful links to my friends. Hope this helps (promotes) them. I will be glad if Mediaprotocol helps me.

Interesting review. It is clear that the developers really comprehensively approached the issue.

I looked at the site. CryptoCatnip provides access to the information you need in all sources. It is perfectly!

I have so many subscriptions that I don’t remember where I found valuable information and I don’t know how much I paid for it. I wait when this project will work.

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