Let's Brew some wins with Patrick’s Spins!

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Open your bottles with green beer and wear your green suit, because it is St.Patrick’s Day!
One of the most funny days of the whole year has come, and it is a perfect reason to check our special Slots to play on St.Patrick’s Day!
We are sure - today they will reward everyone who will be dressed in something green :)

Lucky Mrs.Patrick
What can be better than an evening in the company of a pretty red-head girl with a mug of beer? Same evening but with a lot of Big Wins! Let this slot entertain you and you will be satisfied.
Enjoy with the three B on this St.Patrick’s Day - Beauty, Beer and Big Wins.

Free Spins; Stacked Wild; Buy Feature
Min.Bets: 0.1 USD/EUR

Four Lucky Clover
Main symbol of Luck and especially of St.Patrick's Day - is a clover with 4 leaves.
It usually takes a lot of time to find this clover in real life, but not in the Slot from BGaming. Here are countless clovers which will bring you pure luck.

Replicate Stacked Spins; Lucky Spins
Min.Bets: 0.1 USD/EUR/TRX

Lucky Staxx
The celebrity of Daily Big Wins has to be at the top! This slot is a time-proven masterpiece with an insane volatility. You can find some special profit amusement in this Slot on St.Patrick's Day.

Wild and Scatter Symbols
Min.Bets: 4 TRX; 0.2 USD/EUR

Larry The Leprechaun


There are a lot of slots about Leprechauns, but only this one and only on St.Patrick’s Day can gift you something special! Irish mystery with a culture of fun and brew holiday will be the best choice among all treasure slots on St. Patrick’s Day.

Gamble Feature; Magic Stack Bonus; Leprechauns Spins Bonus
Min.Bets:0.1 USD/EUR

Clover Stones
Listen to that violan sound! It Comes from this slot, just look how amazing it is! Magic Mushrooms with countless Free Spins and a pot with infinite gold in it. We are sure - you should stop on this slot for a little bit longer. A lot of secrets are hiding behind its reels.

Lucky Mill Bonus; Dropdown Bonus; Free Spins
Min. Bets: 2 TRX; 0.2 USD/EUR

Spinning Beers
Hey Mate, maybe you want to try a mug of a tasty stout? Common, we are sure you will like that! There is nothing more Irish than a mug of good Beer! And in this Slot you will find some beer to drink, some sausages to eat and some Big Wins to grab!

Buy Feature; Free Spins; Stacked Wild
Min.Bets: 0.1 TRX/USD/EUR

Irish Lucky Dice
We can't make any list of games without our favourite Dice :)
The King of all In-House Games with a tone of Irish Culture will show you how to look at the good old games from the otherside

WIld and Scatter Symbols
Min.Bets: 0.1 TRX/USD/EUR

Lord Of luck
CT Gaming
The last but not least is the story about Irish Symbol of Luck - Leprechaun! Yeah there are countless amounts of Slots with the same culture background, but here you can find really low minimum bets and really impressive volatility!

Double Up; Wild and Scatter Symbols
Min.Bets: 0.4 TRX/USD/EUR

Hope you will win in all of these games. Good Luck and have fun, our dear BetFurians :)

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