[Patreon exclusive] Subscription, Sybil attacks, social engineering, and identity

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In today’s Patreon exclusive article, I give my take on the current state of Social Media and its impact on driving popular discourse .

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You hit a number of very good points about social media influence on the masses. We even have high profile people known as influencers. As much as I enjoy my anonymity on Steemit I understand what your saying and realize it may one day come to pass to improve the civility and accountability of social media. 👏

I will definitely join the Patreon. Is it possible for Nigerians to join as well? Thanks in anticipation

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I'm not sure, but give it a try. However, I will be exploring other ways for people to subscribe and sign up in the next few months.

Okay. Thanks for the feedback sir. Respect sir. One love. Greetings from Nigeria.

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I just opened this sir. @nanzo-scoop

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I'm sorry Nanzo, please don't take my downvote personally, but $12 through autovotes for a link drop are just too much.