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Hello my Steem friends, you now have the option to support my creative adventures in art through the Allowistic Artist Patreon page.


I currently have 2 patreon's and this is giving me money to buy new sketch pads each month to keep drawing. With your support I can branch out and buy more canvas and create more.





Your loving Vincent
Allowistic ARTist


good, upvote and reestem.

Wow, it's really too good allowistic artist. Thanks


Hello! I'm looking to grow my art blog and I am hoping for your help :)
I have been around for a year now and I want to make a bigger difference on Steemit.

• I upvote and resteem lots of great content on Steemit, mostly art related as that is my main strength. I will continue curating as always, but on a bigger scale.
• I've held a variety of contests, bringing community together. I currently host fun random weekly contest for which I hope to increase the rewards.
• I market myself by rewarding my followers, instead of buying any votes.
• I will never self upvote more than once per day.

Here is the delegation link in case you decide to delegate
I hope to see you back on Steemit again :D

Thank you for you time and have a great day!

Hello @allowisticartist and everyone! I've created a new Steemit t-shirt and I think that it's better than my previous one! I hope that you'll enjoy my work as well. Order here:
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