🤔 slow down to speed up. or: how to be more patient.🤔[1mw-004]

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most good experiences and successes start slow.

the moment of ignition — from spark to flame — is only possible after assembling the pre-conditions of success and happiness. the months and months of work and preparation.

welcome to 1-minute wellness: a series of short reads about happiness, creativity, presence, joy, mindfulness etc etc

it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears to get a spark going. yet we don’t notice these sparks, we’re often too distracted by the flames. you see someone else succeeding beyond your wildest dreams and it’s like a forest fire, an entire world engulfed in flame. how can your little spark ever compare?

of course, that gigantic fire itself started as a small spark…

my goal is to ignore all those big fires (hit songs, sold out shows, money, fancy shit) in favor of the sparks: practicing the songs, making meaningful digital content, having interesting conversations about creativity and changing the world.

art from my second album, stellar wave. listen now: bandcamp spotify

i know that the community decides which flames to fan. all i do is offer up my spark and try to convey my vision for the fire of the future.

most importantly, you can’t have your own fire if you jump into someone else’s. they’ll burn up all of your kindling, and they won’t even notice. you will have to start over. if you want to be the rock star, the CEO, the person in charge, you’ll have to do it the slow way. cultivate a spark, and convince a piece of your community to fan the flames with you.

how do you use patience to make your life better? What are you slowing down on, playing the long game about?


It'd have to be my journey to be a published photographer. More importantly, I'd like to share work I've cultivated over the years, so I've chosen to approach it as a long-term ambition. I write, brainstorm, post, review, revise and repeat while encoding all within the blockchain.

That's awesome. I feel like you and I are on a similar journey. Do you post anywhere else besides steem?

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