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I was tooooo slow!

Well, it was a short-lived and slow attempt at Hardcore. I only got to level 34, and even though it was 20 levels higher than my last Hardcore post, it was still disappointing. This was my 4th attempt at hardcore.

So how on earth do people do ALL the acts in a matter of hours?

A guild officer told me players can do Act 1 in 12 seriously? It would take me 12 mins to look at my spells, have a drink, decide on what to pick on the skill tree, and then find my way out of town! I think I took around 2 hours to finish Act 1, and I was trying to rush.

Spells I used...

Anyway, in this one I went back to playing with my favorite AoE (Area of Effect) spell, Contagion.


It was something @mattclarke mentioned to me when I first started playing that chaos goes through the mobs' energy shield -- that's an extra pool of hit points before you start getting into your life pool. So unless they have good chaos resistance, it's always nice to do chaos damage over the usual elemental ones (Fire, Lightning and Cold).


As seen by my screenshot above, it's the purple smokey effect I love so much. I'm not sure why, but it is always satisfying to use. I coupled it with Essence Drain (ED) which is meant to be a complimentary spell. I used this previously in Softcore, but gave up on it to go back to Fireball, because the dps was simply much better. But I was determined to build on ED and Contagion early. Still, I couldn't see the net benefit of the spells combined (ED + Contagion). I think some of the mobs died faster, but it's hard to tell...I need to read up on it a bit more.

Also, since I didn't have access to Phase Run, which is my favourite movement spell, I finally gave Flame Dash a proper test.

It was great once I got used to how it zapped across the screen.


Killed by Final Boss of Act 3...

I survived both the spike and saw traps in the first two trials, but I really wasn't gamed to try more after that. I was carefully making my way to the end of Act 3 and got to the final boss. It was again going well, until I got Dominus to his final monster form. Then he started his rain of blood and my HP fell non-stop. There was no way I could keep up with the regen or the flasking. It was a frustrating death because there was nothing I could do.

So with that horrible end, I googled why I died. This was what I found:

A rain of blood in the entire arena except for a bubble around Dominus himself. You will want to stay inside the bubble or risk losing a lot of HP very rapidly. This is the most dangerous attack during the second phase and it is not advisable to risk getting caught up in it, so stay close to him at all times during this phase.

This is an example of doing your research before you run into the arena. I knew he was bad news too, which was why I ran away back to town once to re-group and rejig my configuration. But I was too lazy to google up on him. It was a case of "Meh, it should be fine. I just need to keep running and stay out of reach".

Clearly, that was the wrong thing to do at the last stage!

I think this will be my last training attempt for Matt Clarke's race. It takes so much out of you to invest in a HC toon and then to see it defeated.


I need to go back to decorating my hideout, doing some writing or chatting to PoE players. Anything to chill from the stress of Hardcore!!

My new guild...

So I was officially invited into my Guild recently!! Woohoo!


And now that I have been officially indoctrinated into their Guild, I like to remind them that there are (cranky old) women reading stuff on the server now...


Okay, I couldn't resist trolling them, and it was not an easy feat to discreetly find a theme-appropriate image on a crowded train!

They ignored me, but I wonder how long it will take them before they boot me from the guild. lol

And finally, from their server, a Guild Officer shared a link of a live twitch session where a PoE Developer was discussing the next league Synthesis with a few popular Streamers. It was a great session and I sat through almost to the end. I felt like a total PoE nerd for even doing so! And the scary thing is, I'm even half-tempted to purchase a ticket for Exilecon in NZ later this year in November. I've never been to NZ but my husband loves the country, it's been on my plans to take our girls there for a cheaper holiday...Maybe...

However, they will only have a venue that will host 1500 people! Talk about under-selling themselves. I agreed with the streamers, I'd expect those tickets will sell out FAST.


Here is the video highlights from the session if you're interested.

Twitch Session with Chris Wilson

So this brings me to the end of yet another PoE post. I really need to get out of my seat, onto the crosstrainer and back into @actifit. But before I go...

Keep your eyes peeled for @mattclarke's upcoming announcement of the Synthesis League 24 hr Hardcore race to win steem! Matt is one of the quiet heroes of Steem who supports so many people through upvotes, and more importantly, engagement. I hope people join in the fun to support his initiative.

EDIT ( a few minutes later):
And then I saw Matt had posted his announcement just before I posted. Here it is:

YAY!!!! @supersoju pay attention!!

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Nice! Level 34!! Not only have you been training hard; but studying hard too. My money is on you @linnyplant!


If you're relying on me, you will be in for a BIG disappointment. I am going to go as fast as I can, but that isn't fast apparently by normal people standards. lol

My goal is actually to survive the Lab trials, I am so scared of them. I'll be thrilled if I get to the next 24 hr with a HC still playable for me to progress. Otherwise, I'm going SC all the way for Synthesis!!


Do you know if the HC character dies and goes to SC; is it SC Synthesis or just standard SC?


I believe it’s Standard as that’s current behaviour.

Within a league, HC and SC are completely different pools and never mix even though they each have an SSF mode I think. My understanding is that you can migrate to the parent league stream, which in HC SSF is HC. But you must not have died. dead is dead and you get sent to ‘standard’ core game heaven. lol It’s the dumping ground of all leagues.

Your social chat and hideouts are across leagues.

I hope you’re practicing, I’m seriously hoping you pull one out of the bag and wow us! Would so thrill me, and do in less hours too from all your party commits. That would make you wonder woman! ❤️


hahahaha nice try.
Haven't tried HC since the last time/first time. The slow start is very painful. I'll leave my energy for race day. That way if I die from something stupid; it will be more gut wrenching.

I thought your batman response was pretty appropriate XD

Hm better let @gorc know about that, and see if he's still game enough to enter XD


Tell eldest not to fuss about winning, the fun is being in it and to support Matt. It'll be exciting to have a purpose to play at the start! I'll be cheering him on too! We gotta outnumber the experienced players and hopefully win by luck when they all die from pushing too hard!! hehehehehe


He usually games competitively so he knows how to handle both winning and being crushed 🤣

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I know it's hard to lose someone like that.

But so much better to go out on Dominus (or Avarius, my personal nemesis), than caught on a doorframe in a dark mine, or getting all turned about on a hot floor.
FWIW, Dominus is crazy easy once you know to stay in his bubble during blood rain, so you'll smash him next time.
Daresso is your next big roadblock.
Thanks for the shoutout xx


Yeah, I know it's better than dying because I ran into a saw or forgot to flask when life was low -- that almost happened a few times. So tempted to have another go, but it's such a massive investment to go back to the start! HC is a tough one that niggles and niggles...I feel caught in between worlds. Wanting to play the fun content of SC but then wanting to progress that little bit further in HC.