A Pathetic Reaction From a Former Moderator in the SMG Discord Server

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Unfortunately, another incident and another person that was trusted that has caused a negative impact. This one is being outed because he took advantage of our votes and support and deleted our social media accounts that he was trusted to help manage. He only managed ONE of them while someone else put in work into but the account and deletes both accounts just because he lost a moderator role in the Discord server.

It was communicated through tags, special moderator channels(which he was a part of a conversation we had about moderator duties, and the Trello platform. He did not pay attention to any of them. Then we had the server wipe and another incident that lead to the removal of his moderator role because he did not do the moderator duties while another incident was happening and just let it happen. So all he lost was a moderator role and the ability to kick and ban people from the server(which he did not use) and since he helped managed the Twitter and Instagram accounts, he changes the passwords and Hi-Jacks or deletes the accounts...

Losing the moderator role did not lose voting support on Steem, so while he kept taking upvotes from the project. It was stated that moderator roles would be removed without notice previously. So without any communication from him, he reacts this way.

Be wary of working this guy.

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hey @bitcoinparadise when are you gonna pay me back that $150 you borrowed and never paid back? no you cant "work it off"