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For password storage application developers Keeper published a list of the most common combinations that are used to protect your account.

Set passwords are not safe.

Experts analyzed the database of more than 10 million user accounts and passwords were rating popularity. They found that the password is "123456" is still headed-list users are not going to abandon the simple combination of the minimum allowable length on many sites.
There is a list and more complex passwords, but also on their hacking will take a few seconds. The greatest interest are options like «18atcskd2w» or «3rjs1la7qe». The high popularity of these strange combinations due to the fact that they use bots. Accounts such passwords often registered in the e-mail services to send spam.
Top 25 most common passwords:

1 123456
2 123456789
3 qwerty
4 12345678
5 111111
6 1234567890
7 1234567
8 password
9 123123
10 987654321
11 qwertyuiop
12 mynoob
13 123321
14 666666
15 18atcskd2w
16 7777777
17 1q2w3e4r
18 654321
19 555555
20 3rjs1la7qe
21 google
22 1q2w3e4r5t
23 123qwe
24 zxcvbnm
25 1q2w3e

How to make a correct password

More length - higher reliability. Instead of 4-6-character combinations, use at least 8-12-character - the selection of options for systems to break leave hours, or even days.
Include your password digits, small and large letters.
Do not use a password for the compilation of the first and last name, and date of birth. Not recommended to be and the current year or the date of account registration.
Where possible, include two-factor authentication.
Choose different passwords for different sites.

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