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A tech expert's ted speech ... He is curious about the possibilities of the virtual world. "Just 20 seconds ... I get 20 seconds access to your phone. The history of your text messages, the phone you talked to, the long talk that you talked to, the history of which sites you have browsed on the internet ... all the information, including photos and photos that you hide in your phone,

All of the members of the audience were hard on the phones. They know what the speaker says about how the phone is going on. Yet ... it's a reflex action. That's it. Some of them have flourished off the back. Yes and ... In the palm of the palm, there are all the horoscopes from ours and money transactions.

"There are two types of people in the world. Saikhet Modi, a businessman who started a career as an ethical hacker, illustrating how he could hack the phone, laptop and computers without knowing the internet connection.

Money withdraws from a bank account without the involvement of the customer. Personal information changes hands. Photos are morphing to the Internet. We are often listening to such news. Even if something is detached. But when we come to the mind, the mindless personality keeps people on the edge of danger.

Three years ago, CBI arrested Amit Vikram Tiwari in collaboration with international investigating agencies for the first time. He contributed to the financial criminals with his software knowledge. He earned money by giving the password to the emails they wanted. Within three years, he got a password of 900 emails and collected between Rs 15 to Rs 30,000 each. Indians are up to 170 people in the victims. FBI warned CBI that the CBI had been detained and arrested in Pune. Tire work done hacking.

The cry of malware is a hacking problem that has devastated many countries fifteen days ago and clogged systems in different countries. Cyber ​​security in recent years is considered the worst year of 2014. That year, several corporate houses, such as Sony, JP Morgan and Target, received information on the scene. Many celebrity personal images have emerged on the Internet. About 6 million Domino's Pizza customers were sold for 40 thousand dollars. Consumer credit card details from Target company, including the details of the credit card This bay, home depot ... many companies were victims of hacking that year.

Earlier last year, Bangladesh bank robbery was the biggest cyber attack on banks. An amount of Rs 6,000 crores was attempted to loot. 650 crores have changed hands with the same transaction. We are aware of Hillary E-mails during the US presidential election at the end of the year. The cry that repeatedly recalls the importance of cyber security in the current situation that promotes hacking by some governments under the national security name.

Ascomment Hacking?
Hacking means infiltrating into a computer program. Manipulating information, manipulating and disrupting the system. In computer programming education, extraordinary intelligence and interest are hackers. This hacking is done in different ways. However, the consequences are based on the hacking of any purpose. Those who work for selfish benefits are usually hackers, causing damage to the systems. In addition, for security, the hackers for the benefit of others are ethical hackers.

There are three types of hacking methods. Blockhead hackers are those who infect system and malware with malware virus such as crying virus. These are criminals. Their skills are pledged to socialist forces. Threat to national security.

Ethical hackers are white hat hackers. Cyber ​​security specialists are valuable to today's digital society. This is a legitimate profession. Governments and corporations are employed as employees. White hat hacking has been certified by certified trainers. These are the contributors to the police in tackling cyber crimes.

A young girl has recently complained to her former husband for Gurugam police. In his complaint, he had received his Facebook account password and sent photos to his friends in his name. The police were investigated with the help of technical experts. It is proved that the husband had opened her Facebook account directly by losing a laptop password. He pleaded that he had done it only to retaliate with the anger of their relationship. All files have been deleted and made a laptop format to avoid it. However, cyber experts who cooperated with the police were able to recover the information he had deleted and then dismissed the case. They have been hacked, but for good work, it is called ethical hacking.

Gray hat hackers are those who are in the middle of both. They work on their own and company. With their independent research, digital systems and inventories are found to be erroneous and are handed over to government, legal and corporate organizations. It will get a reward. Bug hunter or software researchers are also known as search engineers who work with Internet users to protect their security.

We are the first
Above all of us in ethical hacking. Many cyber professionals are served by government and corporations. Teenage boys also make bugs by hitting the bounty (carriage) in corporate promotions. This Bug Bundle program was launched by Netscape for the first time in 1995. Bugkood estimates that 28.2 per cent of Indians are registered as ethical hackers worldwide until last March. Then the position of America (24.4). Hundreds of hackers participated in the bug-bunty program conducted for five years, followed by research and auctioning of the highest number of Indians in the top of the list. There are six Indians in the top 50 of the security researchers who worked for Uber. Over 500 working Uber of different countries paid Rs.250 a quarter. Partha Malhotra, who found the most important flaws, got Rs 25 lakh while Anand Prakash got 9 lakhs. Twitter also paid Bug Hunters over two crore rupees over the past two years.

Uber gives occasional frerides to passengers. It also sends a code. However, Anadka seems to have had a lifetime free service with a small disadvantage in the code related to the code. He brought it to the company. The general public does not understand it, but it is easy for people with knowledge of software. The same black hat hackers had a serious loss to the company when it came to the attention. Anand also reported that the Facebook account holder was found to be online even after coming out of the chat chat feature. Bug fixes such bugs. The corporates pay for the depreciation of the defect.

Are you ignorant
Cyber ​​security is not the subject of discussion in the boardroom until some time ago. But the situation that should not be discussed now. Many companies in our country do not update technology as a degree. Experts say that using older technology is more likely to cause hacking. Their argument is that consumers' carelessness is going to be hacked. Most passwords are overwhelming. According to the Pew Research report, only 40 per cent of those who changed the passwords after March 2014 were six. They expressed concern that their information was scandalous. Outcome ... In August of that year a Russian company had collected 120 crore e-mail passwords. What's surprising is that the cyber crime events have grown ten times over the course of those Arsenal. This means that the numbers are evidence that the safety problem is not known. Microsoft estimates that the value of data lost by various companies in 2014 is $ 491 billion. The Mafia also sells information that has been stolen from the Internet as a drug mafia. These e-mails are based on the priority of the credit card information.

Download the dangers
This is the period of Aus. If no download is downloaded, it will ask for some permissions. We need to be angry. So we will press 'AGREE' button to give all the permissions. Let's say, for instance, permission is given to our text messaging. Our phone number will go through the opp provider. Usually bank transaction messages come in the form of text message. The hacker can easily find them through this app. That message can not be seen from us. We do not have any transaction messages in our bank account. If you have a WatsApp account with the same number, you can read all the Watsap messages from the hacker. If any AAP is asking for access to our SD card ... then the information we have saved will be available to AAP including files and files. The social media outlets that we use are also able to access our call list. Some AAPs can not see our personal photos, documents and edits.

Once in our country there are common families. Ten of the voices were talking about the coupons. Yet, the things that happen in houses are not excluded. Now they are small families. But all of the information is on the Internet. Personal information is accessible through social media. Forbes' columnist Adam Tanner concluded a seminar. He was amazed at the information found there. There are about 18 lakh people who face sexual harassment. The organizers claimed they were voluntary. But he was not convinced. Finally, they have collected all of these addresses from different websites. Some websites collect people's details to address health issues. Sell ​​them like that. Tanner has written a book titled 'What Stace In Vegas' with many such things. The Indian affair with the Internet has become more sophisticated. He surprised the Indians who volunteered the information on the wedding relationships websites that Westerners felt as personal things. It is noteworthy that a terrorist inquiry claimed that he had obtained a fake student identity card driving license based on such information available on the Internet.

That interest is not here?
The bug hunter Rahul Tyagi is more interested in knowing the details of hacking, who's made, what he's done and how to do it. But his question is, why is it not enough to know how to keep the information safe? In the world as ethical hackers, the only firms in our country that we can count on fingers are put into their code. Many companies claim that they are working with their staff. Younger researchers say big companies do not even recognize their priority, but Indian companies will not pay their money as Western companies and send them to the tshirt and pendrive.

In the digital age, with the birth of medical certificates, in the internet, it is up to the retirement of the employer, starting with birth certificates. With the phone, we use that information with the computer. To keep that information secure, we need to keep strong passwords and change them often. Hide securely elsewhere on the phone.

Cyber ​​experts do not guarantee that in fact no system is safe for hundreds of years. Security of privacy matters is a personal responsibility. The fact is that any information will go out of our way. It is a risk to know that it does not take care of the knowledge. A small example of what is possible if the social media is beyond the boundaries of what is possible.

The robber is being tried for robbing a house and robbing the police.

'Why did that house choose to steal?'

'Whether you're caring in cars, shopping in malls and putting those photos into Instagram ...'

'How did you know that there is no one in the house?'

'All the family are enjoying Mauritius weekly on Facebook on Facebook every day ...'

The judge did not know what the judge was saying but it is clear that we can not do what we can not do here.

Key password for digital transaction security. Allaududdin is a light lamp that serves them if it is with them. It is the responsibility of the original owner to keep it from being stolen.

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