[post #3] Real Estate for affordable housing. Building containers homes!

Hello everyone,

I renovate and build houses for low income families.

So a couple months ago...

I turned these:

Into this:

Left front.jpg



I am trying to help the working class to have an affordable and comfortable homes for people on Guam.

Why? The minimum wage of Guam is $8.25 an hour, but living costs are very high and the poverty level is skyrocketing. Guam's biggest economy is tourism but the recent war threats of North Korea has drastically impacted the business of Guam. This adding with the new Trump tax plan, is a downward spiral of the economy.

There are many lessons I've learned in building these homes and I plan to build more affordable homes in the future!

I'll continue to divulge in any details or subjects you would like me to touch in the comments :)


Very cool man, gave you a follow. Hope to see more stuff like this. I'm not sure if something like this would work in Southern California, everything is so expensive. But I will definitely look more into this, very interesting!

Wow, this is a really great initiative. Housing problems is really one of the problems of urbanization and any way we can combat it is highly welcomed.

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