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Hey guys, so just stumbled upon this today and wanted to bring it to your attention. We all love the idea of passive income right. Well this probably isn't going to get you rich, but it will make you some money and it's 100% completely passive.

I'm going to assume most of you guys know about Steemit, maybe some of you guys had tried Steemit in the past and left discouraged, I totally get that.

Today however I learned of a new app called Share2Steem. Share2Steem is similar to IFTTT for any of you who are familiar with that. IFTT is sorta like a Hootsuite or a social media automation tool. It allows you to create tools to automate certain processes for you. For example if you post a Youtube video IFTTT can automatically share that video on Twitter, Instagam, Tumblr, etc.

Share2Steem does essentially the same thing but posts your content from three social media platforms to Steemit without you having to do anything. The three platforms it currently works with are Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Once you set this up, without ever having to login to Steemit again everytime you create a Youtube Video, an Instagram Post or a Twitter post it will automatically post or share that on Steemit. You'll then earn money off that content on Steemit. Again, it probably won't get you rich but it is 100% completely passive.

If you're an active content creator there's almost no reason not to do this. As an added bonus, even if you have an ecommerce site or are trying to build a brand or a blog, Steemit is a do follow site for links so if you're content becomes popular on there in addition to earning some additional revenue off of it you may also wind up getting a fairly powerful backlink to your site.

If you guys have any questions about this or any trouble setting everything up feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below or hit me up



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Nice score. Im gonna have to check this out.

Yeah I have to say I thought it was pretty cool and very easy to setup and normally I'm not really on the cutting edge of hopping on stuff like this.

I think this could be really good to bring back some people who've tried Steemit, found it to be a big waste of time and left, there's no shortage of those people.

Here's a way for people who are active creators on other platforms to get some more distribution, make a little money on the side and possibly get a good backlink. It's also completely passive. I think this could be really good for Steemit adoption

I will never really understand how people think Facebook or Twitter or Instagram are less of a waste of time. I guess they get off on the more likes. I'd rather have $.03 than 300 likes on Facebook. ha.

Here's what it comes down to. On Steemit I can earn money, that's revolutionary and awesome, however the amount of money I can earn (for most people) is peanuts so getting a few cents a week to be on a platform that isn't fun, isn't a wow factor. Fuck I pay Youtube $10 a month for Youtube red because its an awesome platform.

I feel like many of us come on Steemit not because we truly enjoy the content and platform but to "play the game" and try to grow on here. That's cool, I do it too but let's be honest, most of us won't succeed, the platform is stacked against the new guy and the little guy and the money isn't that great.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube have a much larger reach so for marketers or people trying to build an audience even if they don't get a direct payout from the platform they will earn a shitload more money from teh attention they get from people on the platform than they will ever earn on Steemit.

I love it here, I have some great friends here but I dont come on here and spend hours of enjoyment like I do on Reddit and Youtube, I come here to "work" essentially.

There's no denying retention on this platform fucking sucks, its a joke. New people think its stupid here and honestly I can't disagree with them. Had I not gotten on here during better times and committed to this place and goten established, if I was new I'd come here and never come back as well. This platform is definitely on a decline more than becomming better. We also have competition from smoke and weku and whalesshares as well. This platform better get its shit togetehr or its gonna get overtaken, its no longer the new kid on the block or the only social earning platform.

Okay so I wanted to see if Share2Steem would actually work and if I set everything up correctly so decided to post this video using the platform. It worked!!!!

I have only used it for Instagram so far, and I like it, but I want to customize it more so the titles are more custom and not just "____'s Instagram Feed {date}"

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So I came upon your post and I took the opportunity of setting it up, I have set up my YouTube to go with it I have also started promoting it but was wondering if it would be ok to use some of the scripts on their site for further promotion? please let me know!

Sorry not really clear what your asking. What other scripts are you referring to?

I mean what's written about the app!

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I take it you have no idea!

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Not following wjat your asking about whichbis why i asked you to clarify. Are you talking about twitter and instagram?

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I am talking about the description of what Share 2 Steem is. I am simply asking if it's ok to use some of what is written on the page to promote the app since it's explained so well, instead of using my own words?

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Ok, so I posted to Youtube for the first time since I started using your app, thinking that it would automatically post my video here on Steemit but there is no sign of the video here that I posted over there, I thought you said posting there would automatically post it here? Now if it's not working I will have to deactivate it, so please let me know what's up with that as soon as possible!

I like to participate but I dont like to ask a question and don't get a response, could you answer my question please? After all, you did say if we need help to let you know!

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Hey Masai please give me some time you just asked your question last night. I'll address it above

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Cool idea and I will sign up also

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I'll just take the butter. Thanks.

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