God's on Earth

in #passion6 years ago

The unarticulated speech of man convey the riches of your(God's )word. To create is to cause to be that which never was(or existed before). ONLY Gods have the creative ability. We're not trying to be gods, we are GODS on Earth(Psalms 82:6). Not Gods that deserve worship but Gods that understand responsibility and appreciate it too. Africa and Earth even isn't actually where we're from. There's more to life than we may dare to imagine. We are more than we think we are. All things are possible (do-able).
We're not black because we're blind, we're blind because we're black. It's not about our race or skin type. Its never been about it. This is a clarion call to worthy and unworthy individuals alike.
It is conceded that not everyone's point of view can be viewed from the same point.
Half a truth plus a piece of junk equal a lie. Let's face it, our strategy is prayer. We pray in the spirit, we never miss the target. How is the world expected to survive when we're missing in action? Inaction is action in itself. Action speaks in loud volume that word ever can.
Take responsibility. Be accountable for something that truly matters. DO NOT DRAG THE FAMILY NAME IN THE MUD. Jesus' sacrifice remains the greatest of all.

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